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  1. acceptance

    The End.

    OK so I quit too. My stake login is behind thrown-away 2 FA. Such as other sites. I reached out to block my second phone number which I used. I deleted a bunch of emails relating to crypto or gambling. I deleted the exchange accounts. I contacted Bitcoin buying locations to block me. And so on. I'm done for good with gambling. I wish you all a successful, suffering-free life. Bye, this is my last post. No one needs to contact me. There are enough good people out there
  2. acceptance

    The End.

    Dear Eugene I believe you can do it. You saw and admitted honestly to the truth. You made the first steps towards a happier, healthier and better life now. Keep going on that path and if you happen to get tricked (by yourself, because you're the only one to have that power) into betting again just know that it's always better to stop again. If someone else, you dear reader for example, sees that gambling has become a behavior worth dropping for now here are resources that will help you on the way: - Easy Way to Stop Gambling: Take Control of Your Life (Allen Carr's Easyway) - YouTube: - EFT These resources have helped me stop gambling for a month or two each. I will stop gambling eventually. I'm getting better at letting go of it and if you too wish to have a better life - like Eugene - you can have that too.
  3. I wouldn't want any but I see others do - if you do it why not make a physical QR code option with one's referral link e.g.
  4. About the mute I gotta add I don't care about it anymore. It's over anyway. No one really should care about a mute on a site on the internet anyway :-). We all do mistakes and support treated me politely. I don't expect more. Everyone who thinks in some higher values connected to a gambling site (any site) is forgetting that there are shades of grey but no color in this. We all give what we can and do our best from what we have - everyone.
  5. The mute was addressed - no worries about that. I accept that the drama after the mute on my side was not the wise. The 20eth win was gone quickly unfortunately 😄. Such is gambling. Thanks all for their partaking.
  6. PLINKO: 1,888,240,873 placed by acceptance on 11/12/2018 Wagered 0.03100000 Multiplier 620x Profit 19.18900000 x620 with 20 eth win. "unfortunately" muted.
  7. Now look, I don't care what happens to the mod. May he or she stay, I don't really care. I'm going to continue playing on Stake most probably. Trivia has a bug on stake side. I wanted to set Trivia with all I had left: 0.00006685 ETH. I couldn't tip the user so I promised to do that in 30 - 40 minutes. I wanted to get some more crypto with my CC but once I was muted for 4 hours by a mod and thus not able to hold my promise. I looked into my alt to check if there was balance to tip the winning user as I promised. I gave 8k Satoshi (btc) to winning user with my alt which is way more than initially intended. Cheers! You deserved it in time. Trivia rules where clear and it said including me. There was never a scam. The same mod maybe forgot (I don't know...) that I previously tipped that same mod 0.01 ETH in another trivia maybe 1 hour earlier. I requested to live support to remove the mod. You guys can forget that. I just think this is not really a good way to handle anyone and mod shouldn't abuse power. An apology is due if it were me. /acceptance /vortex