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  1. Yay finally a HiLo Challenge! HILO: 6,980,577,757 placed by henkster on 09/07/2019 Wagered 0.00065536 Multiplier 11.141400337219238x Profit 0.00664629
  2. No way, the races start to feel like a good way to empty my wallet, as enticing as they are.
  3. This sounds like a reallly fast way to lose all my crypto! ;P
  4. This is awesome I cannot wait to play games with other stakers, I have found that other casinos that have multi player games always feel more fair.
  5. henkster I found out about the Stake Telegram when Stake 2.0 came out and there was a hunt to find it.
  6. Device/computer: MacBook Pro Browser: Google Chrome 72.0.3626.119 Do you notice smoother animations on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Do you notice faster betting speed on Stake 1 or Stake 2: I would say it's about the same. Are there any particular games you're having issues with on Stake 2: Video poker is a little buggy, it lags sometimes and other times it's too fast. I also have had an issue holding cards. Are you currently playing on Stake 1 or Stake 2? If Stake 1, why? Stake 2
  7. This is shitty, people are just sharing the link yeah real fun.
  8. Wow, won one trivia question, and then hit 1000x on Plinko! Thank you Stake!
  9. Sounds like an awesome idea! Looking forward to seeing this!