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  1. @luck786 I wish u choose me Eddie today
  2. Stake user name : luck786 Twitch : luckyali786
  3. luck786 I will be win today.
  4. But bro I love too ur parleys and wins .. Everytime I see and enjoy .. Soon u will be hit big hit .
  5. Lol guys he just miss parley win. Nothing more . we daily loss and win .. So its a part of game . and I really feel of this nice oppurunity which he miss .. Hope he will get that in one day.
  6. It will be up and more chances to go 20k $ end of year.
  7. I use lenovo vibe z2. Its good and easy .. No lag from site.. Yes some time face problem site over loaded
  8. I fuck them . I got scam many times and these fucker take money and gone . never return to me .
  9. Simple answer is no never ever.. Its bad things . it can be ruined ur whole life.. So just avoid this
  10. I really good and more interesting games and very good live games and big wins . I love them all and win nice
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