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  1. no dear friend its depends. when you got nice seed you get big payouts. but when you get bad seed you get big loss even small payouts
  2. i agree 2x is good for short term play but suck for long term.. i hate to play on 2x. because you dont know exact hit . and many time time i play bet with allin . i get loss all time .. but sometime i get win
  3. i never ever hit any big payout on plinko . all time rekt
  4. yes its help. due to use of long seed system bot knows your move. if you play light betting and flash betting. you will clear more. how seed effect
  5. As I am professional Veterinarian my vote forgotten animals and mercy animals. But espeicailly for forgotten animals . please save the animals. Because they are future needs.. Hope you listen story of Chinese empire who shoot the 4 animals .. He think these are consuming food and he save by killing them. But he got dangerous result of killing sparrows. So plz save .<3
  6. Can anyone tell me how much bets required to hit 5m % payout... I am trying to hit and make 40k + bets.... Others 3 mine and 21 diamond I play many times... Its fun... Its come many times back to back...
  7. Twitter account @aliyousaf723 Stake username : luck786
  8. He is also in stroke see his face clearly