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  1. Can anyone tell me how much bets required to hit 5m % payout... I am trying to hit and make 40k + bets.... Others 3 mine and 21 diamond I play many times... Its fun... Its come many times back to back...
  2. Twitter account @aliyousaf723 Stake username : luck786
  3. He is also in stroke see his face clearly
  4. luck786

    Hilo 47000-x

    Nice how u play this... Really interesting
  5. luck786

    Hilo trick

    Nice strategies for play here. Thanks all .I will try this
  6. etude , i also love to play chartbet.... but also fk loss everytime when red happen
  7. I hate chartbet but also love when its on my demand
  8. I will post real Halloween pic or video.. So just tell me when will it end..