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  1. EddY

    Bitcoin or ICOs?

    Btc4ever i think i dont like iocs.
  2. I think Crypto is nothing for me just lost time and fun.
  3. I think rest in peace.Dead your Wallet and i dont have idea i am sorry.
  4. EddY

    Allin going good?

    I dont have lucky in allin i think is bad to go allin.I like to play with small amount.
  5. EddY

    How to recover?

    Omg i am sorry for your 500$.You can Recover to stop Gambling i think.
  6. EddY

    Where to buy crypto

    Yes i think too Localbitcoins is the best to buy crypto.
  7. EddY

    Games of choice to build up your balance?

    I build up balance on Keno,Roulette and Plinko.
  8. EddY

    Have you won a giveaway on Stake's discord?

    No i dont win i think in future win xd.
  9. EddY

    Gambling to make a payment

    I think yes i can make a good payment with gambling.I dont like deposit money.
  10. EddY

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

    Twitter: @EddY13786423. Goodluck.
  11. EddY

    Worst mistake in gambling?

    my worst mistake when i want send to my friend 0.001Btc i send wrong man xd .
  12. If BTc go down i will play how much i can.
  13. EddY

    Buying cryptos for Deposit.

    I never Deposit i think i dont like deposit i like play with faucet xd.
  14. EddY

    Did you try csgo battleroyal?

    I play CS:GO battleroyal and first game i win.
  15. EddY

    Memories of Stake 2018

    I think in 2018 in Stake i make good friends and i hit big prizes.