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  1. EddY

    skywallkee's 16th stream live!

    Good luck skywallke user stake : iwantonlywin
  2. Good luck MrJoke Stake user: iwantonlywin
  3. Goodluck Oleg Stake: iwantonlywin
  4. EddY

    Do you stop gambling after busting?

    hmm i think i dont like stop gambling i want play.If i get many busted i will continue.
  5. EddY

    [Closed] Christmas Spirit Giveaway!

    @DarkBlood069should win $10 because i think he is actvie on forum. @skywallkeeshould win $20 because is my favorite streamer in twitch. @Rrahimshould win $30 because its my best friend in stake.
  6. KENO: 2,033,218,118 placed by iwantonlywin on 23/12/2018 Wagered 0.00002000 Multiplier 15x Profit 0.00028000
  7. Goodluck Shinjo User Stake : iwantonlywin
  8. EddY

    skywallkee's 11th stream live!

    GoodLuck Username: iwantonlywin
  9. EddY

    Bitcoin or ICOs?

    Btc4ever i think i dont like iocs.
  10. I think Crypto is nothing for me just lost time and fun.
  11. I think rest in peace.Dead your Wallet and i dont have idea i am sorry.
  12. EddY

    Allin going good?

    I dont have lucky in allin i think is bad to go allin.I like to play with small amount.
  13. EddY

    How to recover?

    Omg i am sorry for your 500$.You can Recover to stop Gambling i think.