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  1. There has got to be a way to get people to stop thinking this place is going to net them a paycheck or something...
  2. Bahhahah I love Joe's podcast. This shit cracks me up.
  3. Yes it's the "correct" amount.. Because that is what he said he was doing? Do you think you should be able to decide how much of his money he gives away and at what time he does? Bro this isn't the first time I've seen you question the free stuff you get from the site. Why don't you take the time to appreciate that you get given anything at all and stop question whether or not you're getting enough free stuff. You could be getting absolutely nothing and what would you have to say then?
  4. How about the bonus please
  5. Lol fucking trash ass scammers
  6. SevenSoft

    deck count

    I heard it was infinite. There was a forum post about this a long time ago