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  1. Luiz, que ideia legal! Você é incrível e eu não me canso de dizer isso!❤️
  2. My best friend not only in the game but also in life is @luizoruivo . I am immensely grateful for all that I have learned from him, an extraordinary human being!
  3. It is good to have jokes, but it is always important to remember that behind each user there is a human being with feelings and limitations. With empathy everything can be made more enjoyable.
  4. I love playing, it's good for me, but I get really frustrated when I lose ... The worst is when I try to recover and I end up losing even more, it's a vicious cycle, but still the game brings me a lot more joys than regrets.
  5. I believe that everything we do returns to us in some way. But as for the games I'm still skeptical ...
  6. It happened to me too, I clicked on serve when I was at 1,80 and said it dropped at 0.99x.
  7. I learned how to handle the bets that need to be very well planned and I also learned more about the coins.
  8. Your ideas seem very useful! It would be great if they were part of the game, maybe a new design.
  9. @blurrijs It is worth mentioning that we were all beginners, so a little empathy with those who are starting, so everything becomes more enjoyable.
  10. Bitcoin has become an unstable currency, but I still believe it will improve.
  11. CHARTBET: 1,833,714,050 placed by ZZgisi on 07/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 100x Profit 0.00009900
  12. It must have taken some time to get it. I still have not gone from x100, I bet high and I'm afraid to lose.
  13. It's part of the game ... There are days that we will be lucky and others not so much ... I understand what you meant.
  14. PvP games are much more complicated ... The casino also needs profit, no matter how tempting it may be.
  15. It is risky, but if it is a real situation, it may be that someone uses this practice. The safest would be to look for a friend and expose the situation to see if there is possibility of a loan.