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  1. Free 1000 token Action

    Hi, I have gone through the site....Not discouraging you but they say 1000 Free Action during their official token distribution event (Air drop) scheduled to commence on March 1st, 2018.... That's like almost 3 months from now to receive the
  2. Tutorial for maintenance on stake

    Hi Snike, This tutorial was very helpful indeed.....Its not a useless one bro. By the way I always wonder why don't you work for stake. With all the info you learn & share with us may be if you are willing to, Stake would offer you an Admin position.....
  3. [Seeking] 500k Loan Payback within 7 days

    Hi Skywallkee, I got the amount 500k from your end. Thank you for the loan
  4. Hi Stakers, I am looking for 500k loan which i would repay within 7 days with 10% rate of interest per day.....
  5. Hi Spamking, same restricted message popped out the moment I tried it bro........All the best bro, make a killing on behalf of all us
  6. Giveaways with a lot of Fun :) Franchico03 Stream

    Hi Franchico03 all the best with u r streaming bro Stake Username : nsrao12
  7. $1million buyin.. AA vs AA and you lose :D

    Wow what a game.....That Kid was brave enough to have that expression & give an interview after such an unexpected loss
  8. [Lending] nsrao12 Financial Services (LOANS)

    Checked your PM & executed the way you wanted it.... Happy Winnings
  9. [Seeking] 50k Loan

    Hi Qwerty15255, its a done deal I have sent you 50k.....
  10. [Lending] nsrao12 Financial Services (LOANS)

    OK done deal bro but just mention the same as in the format @Dan instructed to do so.
  11. Loan returns

    Hi Nadiya14, don't know about DevoPromo as I did not loan him/her any. Yeah HumberRoll tried to scam me the last time he took a loan from me but paid back after giving him many warnings...... As for Babaaz I think she's gonna pay back you with a delay maybe because She paid me the loan a lot of times. Be careful to whom you give a Loan & Do all the LOANS at forum itself
  12. freebitco

    Not so sure but there are chances of fake as we only see winning IDs & not even the winning "Block chain" transactions of the declared winnings.
  13. freebitco

    10000 is Hard to hit Bro....I think hitting 1000X at Plinko twice here is more easy than that BTW did not win lottery still yet at freebitco since 2016