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  1. David Jones

    Non paying nsrao12

    What the fuck is this @HumberRolls, who did not answer to you? Check your pm's . @Dan Yeah I did not repay him because i did not deposit due to delay in my payday. It will be done within the next 36 hours from now.
  2. David Jones

    [Trade] Old Empty addresses to Stake Balance

    I am not staking more than Just-Dice.com but I will be offering back more than Just-Dice.com.....Just take a look what they earn & what they give in the below 2ed4bd8e84c8ad3a46970c02bd751a6a7ba7eccd2964c138845f0894b375852b Check for u r self how much they dug & how much they paid me.....
  3. David Jones

    [Trade] Old Empty addresses to Stake Balance

    I give you more than what they are offering cause i started staking which gives more satoshis for every successful dig.
  4. David Jones

    [Trade] Old Empty addresses to Stake Balance

    yes bro. I am digging them....but short on addresses & wallets
  5. David Jones

    New Year Giveaways and Stream :) Franchico03

    Good Luck bro @Franchico03
  6. David Jones

    New faucet listen and earn

    Well hi, its nice & working as of now atleast as for now i wont be bored while surfing & at the same moment earning, LOL
  7. David Jones

    Get free 5 Ringcoin!

    well i joined under your referral bro & i got paid the 5 ring coins.....as you said lets hope their price goes to the moon as well in the near by future.......
  8. David Jones

    My bitconnect account for BTC

    Hi @madcoin , is the offer still active about selling your bitconnect account. If yes lets have a discussion
  9. David Jones

    [Seeking] 50k loan

    Hi I need more 100k with same rate of interest 10% per day
  10. David Jones

    [Seeking] 50k loan

    Hi I seeking a loan of 50k will return in 3 days with 10% rate of interest per day
  11. David Jones

    Biggest Withdrawal

    My withdrawal is 0.08 BTC from another gambling website
  12. David Jones

    "Who Sent me Giveaway"

    Grifter send me to this post
  13. David Jones

    How do people earn from loans

    Finally a topic where i could share my views....As mentioned above Gambling itself is risky & offering loans to a gambler is even higher risky business. So comes the interest of 10% per day on the principal amount. As in any other investments if the person who gives a loan sticks to some stringent rules & diversify his portfolio making profits isn't that hard. But again two possibilities of getting into loss are if we come across a huge defaulter or if we start gambling with the amount we earned by giving interests. First possibility is a dead end while second one has the chances of earning again as every other member has. First possibility can be taken care of by lending only less amounts, asking for a collateral, making use of escrow services, never be so greedy about interests etc. Now coming to the point of the person who takes loan making profits is never a guaranteed one....
  14. David Jones

    [Lottery Stream] 27.12.2017.

    Wow, nice to hear again a giveaway......now this time while streaming. Stake always gives surprises
  15. Hi Oleg good luck mate