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  1. Well hi, its nice & working as of now atleast as for now i wont be bored while surfing & at the same moment earning, LOL
  2. well i joined under your referral bro & i got paid the 5 ring coins.....as you said lets hope their price goes to the moon as well in the near by future.......
  3. My withdrawal is 0.08 BTC from another gambling website
  4. Grifter send me to this post
  5. Wow, nice to hear again a giveaway......now this time while streaming. Stake always gives surprises
  6. Oh thats nice to hear.....Change the settings to smart mode to try if the lag problem is resolved. Good news is you registered , Bad news is not with my referral link
  7. oh sorry to hear that neoooo.... No kurian, just register, login & download their miner software.......Upon installation First it runs a benchmark test to calculate the estimated earnings monthly....after that it automatically starts mining.....
  8. Hi @Quyenoccho no bro it will not because in the miner we have options like running with Full throttle when system is idle & switching to less power usage of our choice when we have some work to do.......Good thing is it does exactly as it is told to do
  9. Hey @skillex, its mentioned in their home page itself that the miner works easily with 95% windows based computers, laptops....yeah its a GPU friendly miner
  10. Hey Buddy, tried the site so far so good. Thanks for sharing such a nice faucet. @akki785 I am able to claim 100 sats every 5 minutes so go ahead & register without any doubt
  11. I used miner gate & just kept it aside...The minimum withdrawal here is 10 mBTC where upon registration you will be credited with 1 mBTC. So yeah that leaves us only 9 mBTC to hit Naah don't thank me, just sharing so that we all might earn something
  12. Well I am from INDIA, a country with so many diversification yet United " Mera Bharath Mahaan "