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  1. A never ending thread (last post wins)

    haha i win
  2. Mines Creatives

    and luck chances are better if you are rich. coz u can spend until u succeed. but some ppl have limitations.. correct me if i'm wrong!!
  3. I do agree with you Known.. I saw people winning more than 1 contest just bcoz they have good balance in wallet and can win it easily. I dont those say ppl are wrong but yeah i wud totally support to allow ppl for winning one contest per month only. it will increase chances for others to win. Thanks!
  4. Mines Creatives

    its easier said than done.. but it suits to all who has good balance. congrats btw!!
  5. Mines Creatives

    it was mah first time participating in any contest and definitely the last time as well.. as i got to learn that all contests are only for rich ppl here which is kindaa fair coz only money makes money.. busted all what i had for this contest but i got one good thing form this and that is learning of not taking part in any contest in future..
  6. MInes Tips

    Yeah, when they know then the keep changing patterns, like shinjo get 11kx 3 times but after that he lost 4m and couldn't figure out same pattern..
  7. MInes Tips

    sometimes it does tho
  8. A never ending thread (last post wins)

    me god, thanks man!!
  9. A never ending thread (last post wins)

    i wish i was admin, i wud comment and close the post.. haha
  10. MInes Tips

    Thank you all guys!! On more thing, so it works in group I think, like either u will keep having bomb on one of those 3 mines (where you got bombs in last bets) or u keep having diamonds on all 3 bombs continuously for next 7-10 bets.
  11. I will go with skilful
  12. A never ending thread (last post wins)

  13. Mines Creatives

    you are 2nd as I can check with ur 100k bet on heart.. lol
  14. MInes Tips

    sometimes it does.