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  1. cheer up what you would recommend is yugioh, bleach, naruto, clannad, inuyasha, pokemon.
  2. the genre that I like is ballads, a bit of reggeton, pop among other
  3. anime like right now is naruto is very good anime
  4. ares123

    War is over

    As far as I know, there are conflicts in other countries. I hope that one day that problem is over and it can be said that the world lives in peace
  5. ares123

    What's the best age ?

    For me the best age to have sex is at 25 years or 30 years but that does not mean that at any age you can have that if using persevatives
  6. At the moment I have not had a girl, but I know that one day the girl will arrive with whom
  7. ares123

    Believe or not

    religion is business in itself, but that does not take away from me that it creates a superior being
  8. there are many theories of how the human being was created but it has not been confirmed what the true theory is
  9. I have always heard about this subject although I have not had the opportunity to watch the documentary