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  2. Congratz i never thought that its possible sometimes but if u lucky enough u can make anything the important thing is know where to stop.
  3. I think it'll probably be DASH or NEO i don't think they'll put here someone else there is 1 more little % to putting xlm but i don't think so.
  4. dude its about how's ur friends where do you live and what kind of a live u have like if ur family is rich enough and have prestige , u need to be carrefull about dressing ur hair cut and etc. but if ur in university u can like wear same clothes everyday in hygiene rules i think there would be no problem at all.
  5. Im using this motherfucker https://gyazo.com/31b5fcab11a6dca04a1e06308d87fdbe i bought it 10 days ago and its awsome if u want to buy an BMW u should buy M .
  6. I play tower with btc and its really fun Stake needs a gameemode like that its really great.
  7. i did 400€ from 10€ if i lost its not my money
  8. I have 400 eur in my card. I need to buy a shoes but its 750€ and what do u think should i depo like 20€ 20€ and try to do total 750€ or Go all 400€ in balance and do big bets? https://www.balenciaga.com/tr/triple-s-shoes_cod11625731mp.html#/tr/men/shoes
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