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  1. Congratz i never thought that its possible sometimes but if u lucky enough u can make anything the important thing is know where to stop.
  2. yeah but when i ask to support about this they always tell me that there is no problem with ur rain ur not lucky enough. i answered that before.
  3. The most active and wagering players should get the money but when u be active don't spam and wager u can't get any rain.
  4. my ecomony was really good against today those years now i play with little money's so rains will make me happy but the idea is that why my chat friends getting while we aer chatting for 2-3 hours im not it and its not about raining how much before u get that much later. Thanks for reply
  5. All the story started 5 months ago. I was here for stake for too long time and i like to chat people make some games in chat and rain the idea of rain was really cool for me in this 1.5 year i always have some when i bust or talikng in chat i got some extra playing money. And someone said they broke the rainbot so rain system is different now we said oh okey no worries at all because we'r not here for rain after playing little bit i've started to feel bad about like im chatting with 3 people on sports chat and no one is chatting against us and 1 of us wins a big big win and starts doing rains and etc. and i saw all the guys who i was talikng with in this 3 hours they all getting rains in a row for like they make 13-14 rains and they all got the prize for 25 people and they pm me i got 0.003 what did u got and i feel really bad there should be mistake if im spamming in chat why i was getting rain for 18 months now im not getting for 5 months this is my problem. I asked support same questions few times and i feel bad for them too like they are talking me every fucking day and telling me that there is no problem on my account and etc. So today i saw few people has same problem like me and they'r trying to tell this in chat and they automaticly gets warning for mute thats not the best rain system for us i think there is a problem with that and i hope who is checking this thread answer my questions well. (By the way sorry Jovan xd) (my all settings are correct)