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  1. EmirhanDemircio

    The Recent Bitcoin Pump

    don't buy much btc it'll fall big ass fuck cash out until it drops
  2. EmirhanDemircio

    20/02/2018/25/02/2018 - Giveaway!! [Dark Posts]

    good luck guys.
  3. EmirhanDemircio

    OlegBarca's Stream #280! Giveaways!!!!!Stake!

    hey oleg good luck
  4. EmirhanDemircio

    Favorite car

    Im using this motherfucker https://gyazo.com/31b5fcab11a6dca04a1e06308d87fdbe i bought it 10 days ago and its awsome if u want to buy an BMW u should buy M .
  5. EmirhanDemircio

    #30 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!

    Good luck
  6. EmirhanDemircio

    What other online games do you play or want to play?

    I play tower with btc and its really fun Stake needs a gameemode like that its really great.
  7. EmirhanDemircio

    [Open] The Ultimate High Roller Video Contest!

    Like if we do 3$ to 20$ and rip after that is that count or i should do another video?
  8. EmirhanDemircio

    Now and then

    When Plinko was first version of hit it was really great to play and win big now u always rip hard can't hit even more than 5x and when u hit 0x u rip so much.
  9. EmirhanDemircio

    Where is this 5000x?

    Well i tried like 1700 rolls and can't hit 5000x or 130x either in 1700 rolls i hit only once 130x and i ripped my all in plinko. Plinko 2.0 sucks.
  10. EmirhanDemircio

    🎨 Video Poker Design - New Game Preview

    It looks good when will this going to published?
  11. EmirhanDemircio

    📢 Dark forum theme released

    Im sure that we are going to like that keeping going buddy.
  12. EmirhanDemircio

    Dice auto bet tactic

    There is no proof for that man i ripped 100€ once for trying only 1.08x i win like 13€ than ripped all
  13. EmirhanDemircio

    [Closed] Be my Valentine giveaway!

    Im glad u turn me back but be carrefull about the nickname in ur post. mine is @EmirhanDemircio
  14. EmirhanDemircio

    How greed can affect friendships on Stake

    I made a friend ship with a guy named OsmaNN we are in same country and we help each others for everything. Like if i win i send some to him and if he wins more than me he returns or like if he founds something really cool he sends me and our friendship is really fun and great.
  15. EmirhanDemircio

    When was the last time you made a withdrawal?

    I made withdraw 1 week ago and i bought some CS:GO items with btc for really cheap and now i have a knife. Its really fun to play with knife.