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  1. Byteking Give me 100 btc Eddie, jk
  2. Gambling is fun and all until you get addicted and lose sense of self, and by loosing it i mean selling your things for gambling money till you become homeless.
  3. Patience is way better than rage betting, today i just made a little larger bet on 75% which i lost, i could have just recoverd it slowly and kept playing towards my target, but i raged and did all in. lol and of course lost it.
  4. It might work it might not, i thought of one strategy regarding this deposit/bankroll splitting, but i think it will not work anyway thats super boring i will make a topic on that strat later.
  5. I don't think so, not it terms of value at least because $1 of today doesn't have same value in future, if it does reach $10000, then btc would be i guess $500k, because ripple is just too inflated.
  6. I'll be posting bet ids, but doesn't matter i will try to record now.
  7. If we only paste winning bets, do we win? i don't want to record.
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