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  1. I'll be posting bet ids, but doesn't matter i will try to record now.
  2. If we only paste winning bets, do we win? i don't want to record.
  3. Byteking thanks for the giveaway.
  4. I am not good at putting balance in vault, i always regret it at the end, wish i kept something in the vault.
  5. My biggest win was 73 doge on 100x, so i won about 7300 doges, i know it's not big but it's big for me.
  6. Welcome to stake, Follow the rules and have fun.
  7. I personally prefer, withdrawing small amounts, so i can gamble with big amounts, if i gamble with small amount i will bust a lot faster.
  8. My best memory on stake was, when i turned .0001 eth to .05 eth, in keno. keno is actually a nice game, but this is gambling after all, i busted in after few minutes. Happy Birthday Stake 🎂
  9. you need to chat, and make sure to not spam, and wager plays a role too, but it's random too, rainbot may not choose you because you are unlucky.
  10. You are lucky even if you make 2x of your initial balance, here I am struggling to mage 1.5x because i am really unlucky.
  11. Xrp, Its Price just sucks, i don't like xrp races, I prefer btc.
  12. How to view bets from archives.
  13. It's all luck, there's no secret in hitting bet ids, or big multipliers, you can do nothing but try.
  14. yeah it does keeps me away from sleeping sometimes, when i am winning i can sleep but to play till i bust all, lol