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  1. I am trying for too many days but cant hit 1000x and bust before hitting, what i need to do to hit it?
  2. Is it really possible? Some people always say go slow, slow and steady wins, Is that really possible in gambling to make profits like that? i asked the same question somewhere but still no replies.
  3. Happens to me a lot too, I believe its just badluck, but sometimes i doubt about what i believe. maybe you will eventually hit it with higher balance, maybe we just have to try a little more Just maybe.
  4. Username: Byteking I am in
  5. i sometime play 9x and with 13% increase, and do manual bet in between at low payout 1.25x.
  6. when i get a losing streak on low payouts, i change seeds and hope yo not be unlucky, i dont know if it works or not.
  7. i like to ethereum to deposit and bitcoin to withdraw.
  8. nope never, i tried for a week then just gave up. i think i am not lucky enough.
  9. Once added, that room will get fill with beggars and spammers, and i would use that room to spam too, it will relieve my stress, lol
  10. oh i noticed a game was missing and i forgot the name, because i have dont play often, it was chartbet. i think chartbet took too much time to hit high multipliers and limbo is fast and addictive.
  11. Me and my friend think limbo is the best and most profitable game, and i also hit 100x to 500x many times.
  12. I never had a realistic target ever, once i made 500 doge to 55k doge, 2million doge was my target and one .00003ltc to .1ltc 1ltc was my target and once .2 eth to 5.5 eth 800eth was my target busted all in the end because my targets were too high.
  13. doing small rains multiple times in short amount of period, I would consider it spam.
  14. i have 25% rake back on pd, not stake and i also tried wagering to make profits but every time ended up losing, but i think maybe it can be profitable if we have patience.