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  1. Its a pleasurable disease, everybody knows that.
  2. badger


    Sahil almost had a good point. Casinos arent here to give af about players, normally. You can go to any btc casino, and you might know a couple people in Support, and they might know your name, and you might even know a couple employees or managers. But you dont know every single one of them. And you dont know their birthdays, shift hours and days off. You dont know anything about them, you probably dont want to know anything about them, and you dont hang out in their lame chat box with VIP managers trying to be your friend. At Stake, we all know everyone in Support. We spend our lives together, every day. If there is honestly 1 Support member that knows Bmg that can honestly say she is a beggar, passive or otherwise, that deserved to be muted, I would like to know who you are. Dont sit back and say we have such a great community and then not be able to tell the difference an alt account, passive, annoying, chronic chat rule violator, and standard Bmg venting. And then uphold the 24 hour mute. Id be hurt af too Bmg. Totally undeserved. Im disappointed that no one said, 'its Bmg, wtf are you guys doing?' Because I am all for rules, following rules, and like I saw someone say, 'Just because we are friends, doesnt mean you can break the rules.' That is absolutely right. Did anyone bother to read what she wrote? Please, if that is passive begging, or rule breaking, either start muting everybody, or if/when something like this is called into question, have somebody with their head outside of their 4th point of contact around to make a judgement call. Because if you all agree Bmgs mute was warranted, I guess Ill just sit here and laugh my ass off, stop saying gr, and pray to God there is a chat Nazi present at all times to mute every flippin passive alt chat abuser that shows up and actually, really begs. Ffs.
  3. The minute i was introduced to Bitcoin about 4 years ago, E woke me up and was like, 'I'm gambling online for money." I was like, "ok, Sucker, have fun never getting paid." He said no its btc and its a digital currency you can exchange into USD. I said really? He said yes. I asked if he was sure. He said yes. He quickly explained to me that he had gotten a deposit bonus at vegascasino.io and he was winning, playing roulette. I'm almost awake at this point because I love gambling, and he says pick a number. He was betting 17 and 20, and I had no number preference at that point, so I said 4. He was still new to btc too, and didnt know what he was really betting. It turned out he was betting 75 mbtc per number, when the 4 hit, on my first technical btc bet, E, and I, but E, won 2550 mbtc, 2.5 btc in one spin. (I'm pretty sure thats how much it was, he was betting 50 mbtc or 75 mbtc, pretty sure 75) I really wish this story had a good ending, lol, but it does not. I learned everything you need to know about European roulette that day, and it is still one of my favorite games to play online. When we were in Vegas about a year later, I won 3.2 Btc playing Roulette again, at vegascasino.io. Its a great game. I won over .4 btc from the faucet in one sitting at cg when I was new. Too many big roulette wins to count. So you know, the day I met Btc, the price was $229.00. My number 4 bet win was around $550.00ish. And the win in Vegas, the price was right around $1000.00, it was roughly $3200.00. Good times with Btc, lol.