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  1. badger

    Opt out of rain while hidden suggestion

    Probably the best suggestion Ive seen in awhile. Good thinkin Shaniqua. That would make sense, as the rainbot snarcs hidden off every time... Now, if they just had a flame disable option, asking too much? Lol, yes. Lol.
  2. badger

    For My Information

    What are the odds of getting 0.2 on Plinko, 16, High, 32 times in a row? I dont know how, or if it is possible to ask the chatbot such a specific !odds question. So if anybody know the answer, I would like to know. Ty.
  3. badger

    How you play roulette?

    I wrote a few things on the forum about roulette. They are worth reading. The short version, I bet 0,17,20,23,&26, same amount on each (1 chip). Then, on the middle long street, I bet 2 chips, the 2,5,8,11,14,17,20,23,26,29,32,35 row. This way, there is a 1 in 3 chance of winning the amount of my bets placed bet back, assuming a 0, 17,20,23,26 doesnt come. And if one of the numbers happens to hit, you win 36:1 + the 2:1 for the street win. Which doesnt make much difference when you hit. But not losing your bet, 1 in 3 rolls, doesnt change the odds (ty wryy lol) but it helps not lose, sometimes, lol. This is how I play... Or you can read the whole post, its called, Hedgies, I c? U. And Roulette 102, I think.
  4. badger

    How about StakeLottery every weeken?

    If the prize pool starts at the amount it did for the first one, they should have a daily lottery. Since that wont happen, maybe make the ticket price like 0.0002-0.0005, or whatever, and allow like 50-100 entries. And when that game is over, start a new one. I hope Steve is lookiting...
  5. badger


    Um, ya, always go for 1000x, no reason not to. Also, bet as much as you can when you play. No sense in winning 0.01 btc, or whatever, when you can win way more, since no matter what, you get .2 of your bet back. Depending on what i start with, 10% of my br is a good bet. Idk, thats what I would bet, if I was in charge.
  6. Dont worry Shani, you missed nothing, lol. Wb
  7. badger

    What is happening with me?

    Has anyone ever heard of a small sample? Or a big sample. I can tell you what a scam is, 91 reds in a row on 50/50 dice. That is rigged. And outside of that, on your first day or two, you might have beginners luck, or you might lose. But just because you lose, doesnt mean you were cheated. If it were my site, players in chat using the "r" or "s" word would be muted, and pmed why making such statements is harmful to the site and not true. Furthermore, the only site I found the need to claim it was a scam, I never ever went back to, not one time. I would be an idiot to make such a bold statement, and deposit the next day. Just a thought.
  8. badger

    Play with btc or eth?

    btc, all day every day. eth sucks, comparatively.
  9. i would undo the last update and be worshipped by stake users, young and old. lol... seriously, id fix the pm train wreck, drunk af, you couldnt screw it up any worse... i mean theoretically, theoretically. i like your faucet idea better. that would constitute worship also.
  10. badger

    What Is Your Longest Loss Streak For a Specific Chance?

    Odds of losing 73 bets in a row at 50.0000%: Once every 9444732965739290000000.00 bets. And, if Im not mistaken, it was 91 red in a row, not 1 win. The Admin of the site said I should go buy a lottery ticket because I was the luckiest unlucky person that ever lived, that day, anyway. Lol. I never played there again. Odds of losing 91 bets in a row at 50.0000%: Once every 2475880078570760000000000000.00 bets.
  11. badger

    Phasing out loans, has it worked?

    Blunt is great. Its one thing to be honest and direct. Its another to inform the world that someone, etude, or anyone is a client. Very not cool.
  12. Normally, Id agree with wry. The negative social impact when people are irresponsible, as with anything, but gambling in particular, leads to the breakdown of society, blah blah blah. Ethical, probably not. Waste of money, time, and when not done "responsibly", blah blah blah, we all know the implications and affects gambling has. All of that said, the known risk and potential havoc gaming can cause in ones life, this isnt something you really should recommend to people you love. Just like alcohol, you dont encourage people to drink, its not healthy, for many reasons. Just like gambling. But, if you have a friend that drinks, whether you gave him his first drink or not, you will still strongly advise your friend not to drink and drive. Soooo, after weighing pros, cons, and knowing exactly what gambling can be, I decided to teach my daughters about cards, poker, roulette, odds, strategy, all of it. They could care less. Really. They are raised in an environment where gambling is not ok at all. They, at 12 & 11, have very strong moral compasses, know it is unethical, and in their own way of understanding right and wrong, most likely will never be inclined to go to a casino. To me, gambling is a life skill. Take the financial ramifications away, all you are left with is math, logical and deductive reason, facts, figures, all things that mentally form new ways of thinking. When you learn and understand probabilities, you see things different from people that are clueless to the numbers in life... At the very least, my girls will not be a mindless kid wandering around learning 1 + 1 is 2 and thats that. Do I need to teach them about poker to achieve this? Mmmaybe not. But if they are ever, at any point in life, challenged to a game of strip poker, I know they will reply to the poor fish, "Sure, I hope you wore shoes and socks today." Where's my mom of the year award....
  13. badger

    My road to 3 million X

    Haha, I fell asleep with autobet on mines. Somehow, i touched the trackpad, I assume more than once. I woke up, looked at the screen and saw i missed 12 mines 13 gems by 1, and then 2, and then i heard a chirp. I was like holy sh*t! No way! No way was right lolol. The auto bet was set on 3 mines. For about 6 sleepy seconds, I thought i had won. And it would have been like 1.3 Btc : ( Oh well, Next time... Nice link, very lucky : )
  14. badger

    Games you hate ?

    I hate Chartbet. Awesome game in theory, but absolutely impossible to pick a number to auto cash. Even thinking about it makes my stomach upset. Lol. Im serious.
  15. badger

    Stoker, Badger, Seat 9

    Its a great game Scootie : ) ..... Speaking of player vs player games, is Stake considering adding Farkle? Lmao, Farkle for Btc? Theres a game I might play. Hehe.