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  1. .... Its ok to be angry in chat. As long as youre not freaking out excessively. Generally speaking, ppl that thank the bot should be drug out in the street, and, well, that wont happen. Thank gawd, at our house, the thanking of the bot is not allowed. Rule number 1, love that.
  2. Device: MacbookAir Operating System: OSX Browser: Safari Do you notice smoother animations on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Stake 2 Do you notice faster betting speed on Stake 1 or Stake 2: Typically, yes, Stake 2 Are there any particular games you're having issues with on Stake 2: When I type to chat, sometimes the cursor moves into the bet box, and i type in the bet box without noticing and then my bet is changed or reset to 0.00000000. And I miss the chirpy noise that keno made on Stake 1. Are you currently playing on Stake 1 or Stake 2? If Stake 1, why: I play Stake 2. If Im not really playing and just chatting, I chat on Stake 1.
  3. PLINKO: 3,040,934,554 placed by Badger on 17/02/2019 Wagered 0.00119999 Multiplier 5000x Profit 5.99875001 Am I late? Lol
  4. I started smoking when I was 12. I have quit 3 times. The first time, cold turkey, after looking at a bunch of pictures online of dead peoples lungs and hearts, that was insanely effective, quit, done. The second time, cold turkey, basic training. No choice there. And the last time, vaping. Vaping is the greatest option for quitting smoking cigarettes ever. You get the nicotine, the hand to mouth, just like smoking, all without any moodiness, anxiety, or irresistible urges to smoke. I love vaping. I still smoke. And here is why... I dont know if this is just some bs they came up with to keep kids away from picking up a vape habit. Because I know vaping has not been around long enough for any real studies to be conclusively conducted, and I know vaping is just vapor, so how could it be bad, but I also know its the heating element that would be the problem, blahblahblah. My girls saw me vaping, and these 2 have been on me about quitting smoking since the day they learned it was bad for your health, so they want me to quit now, when they saw me vaping, they were like, what are you doing?! They told me that they were told in school, that when you smoke cigarettes, if you quit, your body can, over time, heal itself. But with vaping, your tissues that your body can heal from years of smoking and damage to your body, vaping destroys, permanently, irreparably, completely destroys your body and its capacity to heal itself. Well, it destroys the tissue, so theres nothing for it to repair. Like I said, there hasnt been enough time to get study results that are accurate for long term use. And since they dont have any real proof of vaping being bad or good, they could have easily said it makes holes in your throat you cant fix kids, dont vape, just to scare them away from a potentially dangerous, and mostly unknown, new "drug". So, whatever whatever. For now, I prefer to smoke cigarettes, that when I do quit, my body will get to work repairing itself. Instead of vaping, where when I get off cigarettes, and continue to vape, until a 20 year study of the serious hazard vaping is to your health is shown to prove vaping makes irreparable holes in your throat, and when I quit vaping, my body cant fix itself, and I am fkd. Hope this helps.
  5. I will gladly admit that I am only writing this based on what i heard. Which normally is not the smart way to go about things especially when you are going to a forum to express your feelings. Fortunately for me, facts, figures, and actual payouts are of no consequence to me or what I have to say, as I have not addressed any specifics of who won what, that was not my objective saying something. I could have been told anything in the world about who won what, high rollers, losers, break even, people felt scammed or that they won more than they expected, any possible possibility could have been said, true or not. All I heard from anyone that said anything, was disappointment, and for the reasons they said. If what they said to me was skewed because they were upset that they lost, or even a straight lie, doesnt matter. I know people dont lie about being disappointed. People lie about facts, figures, things that are provable, generally, one way or another. But people dont lie about their feelings when it comes to something like this. No one is going to say, Badger, that was the most incredible Xmas thing ever, when it wasnt. And they wont say, Badger, that was the worst Xmas thing ever, if it wasnt. Anything that was said to me, came from a place where money doesnt matter. Bringing up all of Stakes Rewards and Incentives, Faucets, Rainbots, and Giveaways, that does absolutely nothing. Nobody is upset or hurt at the Rainbot, or mad at Steve for his giveaways, nobody said I only won "x" amount, so it sucked, or Sam won everything, so it sucked. They merely expressed general disappointment, I wanted to throw out my 1.5 cents because I hadnt heard one good or close to good thing about the Christmas games... I think Ive beat that one to death to the f-ing max, ugh. Ooooo, did I manage to spam 0.00005 satoshis out of the forum by spending over an hour on this post. Sweet fuck, if players are going to be straight called out as a spammer on the forum, when the are doing nothing but saying what they want on a platform not only created for people to say anything, but offers a tiny monetary incentive, where you can spend over an hour writing and receive 18 cents for all of your time, but sats are offered to encourage peoples involvement and continued growth of the forum, and to assume that attempted proper articulation is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to get that extra 2 cents out of the forum... I got nuthin to say. Irena, you honestly think the 2-20 cent post range is what prompted this post? Or that anyone posts on the forum, outside of the one line replys, we all know what spam looks like, if you think Shaniqua or I or anyone that posts regularly, with decent enough or better than good content, is here for 14 cents and feels their time is worth nothing more than that, but gives their time contributing to the forum despite the fact it pays pennies, pennies that nobody asked Stake to give, I think I will spend my time somewhere else, making nothing, but not giving my time to somewhere that thinks my contribution is derived spam, lmao, for the sole purpose of making 2 dimes, when we would have done it for free.
  6. I was hoping you would reply. My post wasnt to offer advices as much as it was inform Stake that their Christmas "party" wasnt great, and some players were besmirchful (pretty sure not a real word, not totally sure) of Stake. As non constructive as being critical without offering a specific thought or possible solution, thats what it was. I did throw out, send Btc, that makes everyone happy. But Im aware that isnt necessarily practical or a fair solution, proper. Which reminds me, I have another post to post... Much c? wryy : ) See, I addressed the ungrateful bitch aspect, because I know how it looks... But that isnt my intention, we are all allowed to express disappointment, totally separate from knowing how generous Stake is. No one that I know of has ever said Stake is a bunch of greedy jerks, they need to give us free stuff. I only said that if there is ever a time that we can say free stuff free stuuf, its Christmas day. And when the free stuff comes, and we lose trying to win the challenges that pay a prize that is less than we wagered to win, and the 1.5 btc prize pool goes to high rollers, well, we feel disappointed that we didnt get what we wanted, on the one day we can maybe get it. Thats all Irena. We all know that Stake is far more giving to players than most sites put together. One has nothing to do with the other Irena. We could win a billion btc at Stake and still not like the way something turns out. And the forum is here so anyone can express what they think and how they feel in an objective environment, that good or bad, is an opinion that can be voiced openly. This is the beauty of forums. If it were my gaming establishment, I would want honest feedback from users so I could have a better gaugeof what people like and what will keep them happier, than unhappy.
  7. I love Stake. Everybody knows that. And even when I disagree, disagree strongly, or even dislike Dan, I still love Stake. I did not play any of the Xmas challenge games, I saw the ghost mode off for the what sounded like the entire 25 day. If it was that long or not, I couldnt imagine why you wouldnt just need to post your winning bet ID not in ghost mode, and then do whatever you want, ghost mode or not. So I personally was not disappointed. I heard from other people it sucked, high rollers won, like always, and the average player really got next to nothing, or lost, and as far as anything fun or anything that felt like a Christmas present or anything even fun, what anyone with any expectation of what Stake might do, cuz its Xmas, or hoped Stake would do, cuz Stake does really great bonus things, it was very disappointing. Thats all I was sayin. And c? for Stake Support, *laughs*, Faris, please, c? them to death. And I have been far more busy than usual this month, so I didnt even see what 90% of the games were, but I know Support did a TON of work getting all of the challenges organized, and without knowing how any of it really transpired, Support did a fantastic job pulling it together, like they always do.
  8. Nobody demanded anything. There were a lot of disappointed players. Whether it is right or wrong, people have expectations. But tell me what I have demanded, Id love to know
  9. Dont forget that you lose (or win) when you participate in Stakes challenges. They do pay out prizes, but players lose when completing them, so this isnt generosity on Stakes Part.
  10. I think they overlooked the fact that high rollers always win wagering contests. So to have a prize pool for the most wagered, that is great for players that already have a fair amount of btc to be able to win with. So the average player is burnt there. The deposit/wd percentage or ratio amount, per player numbers, is the only fairish way to do that. ^^^ What you said, lol. Dont those non retroactive rakebacks piss u off the most. Youve lost all your coin, you know, and they know, you wont be depositing sheet for a week, ugh. Ive never forgotten Stake is a business, there to make money. Thats great. Player incentive and reward programs are so competitive in real life, I would give a lot to see that fierce war for players online. Giving back to players, based on their time and money, is just as good for the casino. That is why they do it. ....
  11. I dont mind being the bad guy here, so for all of you who feel Stakes 25 Day Advent Games were more of a swift kick in the tail, with crummy rules, where, worst of all you didnt win $#!%, lost money, had minimal fun or possibly frustration and aggravation, and after over 1 full year of devout loyalty and love for Stake, got some coal and Rudolf droppings, i have an idea... But first, for those of us who play at Stake every single day of our lives, we fully expect, after playing with a site for a year, that we should get some presents. Nothing super fancy, just a little Bitcoin. I have addressed this before, and no one ever listens, pay attention admin please... The compulsive gamblers that keep your site alive and well, we are blown away, shocked, thrilled, you name it, when any of the sites we play at forks over even 0.001 Btc. I have praised Stake in the past, more than once for its generous email bonuses, weekly challenges, prizes, and all of the awesome things Stake does for the players. Dont you realize that when Stake does things for its users, above what anyone could expect, the word of mouth cc?? for Stake is spread with you doing nothing more than giving people a tiny bit of their money back. That they will lose into Stake without withdrawing. This seems so easy. A little goes a long way is the biggest understatement ever when it comes to giving a drip back to us. Do yourselves a favor, instead of having Stakers out discussing how bad the Xmas Games were, give them what they want, an 8th of a half of a 5th of what they deposited into Stake... Something, anything, anything to make everyone happy af, as opposed to always having what a crappy Christmas "bonus" that was, grrrrr Stake. This may be redundant, and poorly written, I am super tired and unimpressed. And if I come across as an ungrateful bitch, well, you are incorrect. I know great disappointment when I see it, I dont want to see Stake being bad mouthed for what I will only assume was supposed to be good gambling fun and games for the whole month for everyone, and somehow it wasnt any of that. Dear Stake, this year for Christmas, we dont want elaborate challenges and extra games, we just want the best present we ever got when we were kids, a card from grandma that didnt need words, that when we shook it, money fell out, thats all. We are simple creatures that are too easy to please.... Can I check my email now?... Now? Maybe now.... Cc?? Badger Oh, and if you are saying to yourself, but Badger, theres a lot of users, thats grossly expensive, just dont pay any alt accounts, that will save a fortune ; )
  12. hehe Shennie, nothing gets by you, i swear, lmao. chartbet and wheel, 2 worst games ever. if it were my site, just based on how skemmy they are or appear, i would remove them like now. not my site, not my games. lol. rats.
  13. badger

    Has anyone hit 100x?

    Ugh, the 10 out of 10 Keno 100x, welcome to hell. lol. What are the true odds on that? 10 Numbers PickedOdds 10 1 in 8,911,711.18 9 1 in 163,381.37 8 1 in 7,384.47 7 1 in 620.68 6 1 in 87.11 5 1 in 19.44 Ok, now I already know someone is going to say thats not how you calculate this, but just half those numbers, as I was not able to find a 40 number keno odds list. This is an 80 number, 20 drawn keno odds I found, and I believe it went to 15 out of 15 numbers... If that were halfed it would be 4.5M roughly. And Stake pays 100x for 10 numbers *taps foot*... Wryy, help me out here, please