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  1. 30% increased speed
  2. Song Genre Choices po Muna, Botahan. Comment number of your choice. 1. Disney Movies OST - Votes 2 2. Philippine TV Commercials - Votes 0 3. OPM Novelty Songs. - Votes 6 Unanimous Decision: Ang Songs na tatanggapin sa Entry ay OPM Novelty Songs... goodluck record na kayo. i will create new thread for the rules and contest info! One Vote per user only. Deadline of votes on June 10, 2019 at 6:00PM PH time
  3. I just sit back, relax, and watch lol.. thinking when will i got my revenge.!
  4. anything below this post is not valid
  5. Ok lang po hindi sa youtube as long as na play play ng mga judges.
  6. yey... No. 7 ka sa entries xtine... hehehe goodluck
  7. isang malaking check sa mga sinabi mo xtine..
  8. ako po si mokyo un lang bow
  9. May the Force be with you hahaha
  10. well, updates really requires a lot of server performance. minimize huge update might help. don't include the things that's not necessary. like sharing bets on social media. i don't see what's the benefit player can get on that? it didn't link your referral link when you post it anyway.
  11. eeerrr... not really pretty good idea. more of me like you are a proud gambler. so why post it on social media hahaha