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  1. Yeah its cool and well known for me. Usually doing same thing with other payouts in dicebot
  2. Well,today was just checking friendlist and deleted a lot of banned and removed 60-70 req from people who I dont know at all. But they keep sending me friends requests lol
  3. thats a nice thing actually but myself cotrol sucks af
  4. its not boring at all because u dont need to wait. just click on box and by the end of the day u will know if u win or not and also u are not wasting time on it because its free money anyways
  5. Yeah. When I got 0.05 btc VIP coupon I made it to 0.15 btc, payed debts and was feeling so good lol SO yeah,at least once I made profit from them hehe.
  6. I think coupons which we are getting by email
  7. I think it was just visual bug and it was reported in the chat yesterday as well. Thanks for fixing Ed =]
  8. Well, I think I am the biggest hater of spam trivia. It's nice in one way if trivia has good prize. But when someone is spamming stupid questions and prizes like 0.0001 eth or 0.00001 btc it makes me so mad because people are spamming chat with random numbers because question doesnt have exact answer mostly. So I hate it badly and I think they should make smth with that.
  9. By checking email I noticed that coupon comes once in 1-2 months and every time its different amount and currency. And also not all the websites provides free money by sending coupons to emails. I know only Stake and Primedice.
  10. As for me its all about the luck and nothing else. But btw nice topic!
  11. Yeah,thats one of my favorite games. Will be happy to see it for sure.
  12. I think its not needed too much for crypto casinos but I saw some of the websites already launched this function and I dont like to share my personal information too much online because its really risky.
  13. They came fast and gone fast. Missing them ._.
  14. I like easy trivias. Which u can win without googling cause people on phones has problem when they need to google so I think general Q and easy math would be awesome