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  1. roulette lucky number

    My luckiest number is 28 for sure.
  2. code: BTC invested: $25000 code: ETH invested: $25000 code: ADA invested: $10000 code: XRP invested: $20000 code: EOS invested: $20000
  3. Diamond Poker Unlimited

    Ya,looking forward for it. Must be fun and more intersting then oldest version
  4. Levels

    I'm lvl 10 and I have got nice avatars Thinking which one to choose
  5. Dice is too fast

    I like fast bets too,but one thing- sometimes I can't see all roll numbers . Cause they are not showing . U should click show after every bet to see it. Not so good deal .
  6. Original or Sphere Dice?

    I like original dice - my favorite game. I'm playing like 3 years original dice .
  7. Stake Soft Launch

    Yay! 1 forum is good - 2 forums are perfect ! Good luck all! Don't waste your affiliate commission
  8. Сайт понравился очень ) все таки 10 Лямов с 500к это сильно)
  9. Первый выигрыш 99.96

    Поздравляю , хорошая ставка для первого раза !
  10. Levels

    I'm engoying it ! Got up my lvl to #6. P.s very close to lvl 7!
  11. Regarding Withdrawal Limit

    Yes,0.002 withdraw is cool and also I like 0.00001750 sat faucet It's really nice !
  12. Are you from Primedice?

    I'm also from PD. Playing on PD since 2014,one of the oldest player here Found Stake,cause Edward spammed it in chat <3 Edward the Generous
  13. Hi/Lo Live!

    Tested this game already Max profit was 40k =]