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  1. Eugene265

    🎨 Stake 2.0 Homepage Sneak Peak

    For me it looks excellent and very modern. Can’t add anything.
  2. Eugene265

    A Share Of My Profits 2 [Giveaway]

    ANother great giveaway! Thanks very much DB!
  3. My five numbers: 1, 3, 7, 10, 28
  4. Eugene265

    Share Of Prize Pool Giveaway 5

    Good to see another cool giveaway from a cool guy! Thanks DB69 !
  5. Ive been playing since 2014 on Primedice.com and joined stake before official launch somewhere in the August 2017 if im correct.
  6. First of all congrats on 100 posts and I think investing into gamble sounds kinda weird lol. U are already investing when bust something lol
  7. Eugene265

    How do you play it?

    Im starting from keno (8 numbers) or hilo (trying to get high payouts with low base bet) or dice (2.5x and incr on loss) . After making profit im moving to plinko and spending it all there until im gonna get a good one in plinko and start this curcle again.
  8. Eugene265

    My first 1000x on Stake! & My first Big Win!

    Thats absolutely great shot! Congratulations on that win! Looking forward for more 1000x from you
  9. Eugene265

    Smoking vs Vaping

    I prefer vaping. Im not gonna say advantages or disadv,just gonna say that I like it more then smoking
  10. Eugene265

    Will you stay or will you go?

    Its a good Q. Mostly I tried to change games. If im not winning in Plinko for ex,moving to dice to keno etc. But when Im coming to BJ I cant stop and change game if im loosing. I will go to the end in BJ . Like win or die.
  11. Eugene265

    Choose One when you bet on stake

    Im gonna choose 1. Bet smal but big multiplayer for sure. My opinion its much safer and can provide u a huge profit if u have a good patience
  12. Eugene265

    Who is your best friend on stake?

    Theres too many friends and nice people I know on stake. It will be hard to pick "the best" because I love them all and respect everybody from that list
  13. Eugene265

    The next Bitcoin ?

    I dont think that any of alt coins can beat bitcoin at least in the next few years. Bitcoin is the strongest one for now and for the next few years it will be same.
  14. I used 9900x (the maximum one for dice) but only with dicebot. Hunting it manually takes a lot of time and need to have a good patience. But from high mulptipliers for dice the best are : 19x 33x 100x 250x 666x 990x Used them a lot.