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  1. Hello! So the story started when I got muted for nothing or Windice. I was like "WTF" and wrote to Admin of this website. They gave me refund of 0.002 btc and somehow I turned it into 0.03 BTC and made withdraw to DuckDice. I turned those 0.03 btc into 0.22 btc and payed all debts I had at that moment. Before it I spent 0.003 btc for their daily lottery (30 tickets) and busted the rest. In the evening I noticed that I won this lottery and was like WOW, luck still with me. The win was about 0.04 btc. I started gambling by using random multiplayers and few hours later I reached my 1 BTC balance! Was crazy! I made 0.1 BTC more and made 1 BTC withdraw and 0.1 btc deposit to Stake. And guess what? On Stake I got some crazy wins in hilo and video poker and made it to 1 BTC more and withdrawed. Claimed rake back around 0.03 btc and turned it into another 1 BTC! Next 7 days I was sharing with my friends, playing and how sadly I ended bust. But as I know my coins helped a lot of other people to feel little bit happy in those sadly days. Now I actually totally ducked up and when reminding this story I have tears on eyes. But its in the past... Let's move on!
  2. Hello! Today let's talk about mine and yours biggest results since you started gambling. I started gambling in 2014 on Primedice and in October it will be 5 years since I started. Thats actually crazy number for me because I remember that day when I found out about Primedice and can't believe that it was 5 years ago 😮 So in those 5 years I had a lot ups and down ups and down and etc. But overall I can tell surely im down and down a lot. By the way I had some great runs in this year when I was able to reach 5-6 BTC balance somehow. But how sadly it happens I busted in the end and in last 4 months I am going straight down. So how about you guys? What was the maximum profit/balance you ever made?
  3. Well I guess slots will come until the End of September because as you know its not very easy to create new game for website. It takes few months to make it perfect and simple for players so support won't get too much headache with bags/lags reports after
  4. Yeah, I do. Doesn't take a lot of space on the screen and its still very simple to use. I love it
  5. On other websites slots are one of my favorites games so I guess I will use slots for sure because its one of my favorite games
  6. Stake is the best casino so far and they are trying to get all the players from differnce websites. Also our Owner (Eddie) is the most kindest Owner of gambling website I know so far. I never saw such a things we have on Stake today on any other place and that makes stake unique against others.
  7. Since its summer, Im spending most of the day on Stake because Im working but not studying so have enough time to spend in it. When I will start studying I guess I will have time only on weeknds so probably it will be x5-x7 less per week than normally
  8. The highest multiplayer I ever hit was something around 100000x in hilo in the March with base bet near 400 satoshis. Was really amazing hit and still can remember that feeling...
  9. As for me all those 3 are main reasons to become happy. But I guess that healthy friends and relatives and yourself as well is the main reason to stay happy and see their faces everyday. Because as you know you can buy health so enjoy every moment of every day you are spending with closest people. ❤️
  10. Hi! Welcome to Stake.com! I hope you will enjoy time with us!
  11. Ya, here I am totally agreed with you. One of the reason that Stake isn't dice casino website so here dice worked little bit worse than for example on Primedice. I usually making profit in Dice with 2.3-2.5x and after going to hunt 99x +. Sometimes getting decent hits. Sometimes getting such a big a red streaks
  12. Highest coupon amount I've got is nice question! Let me share it via picture.
  13. I am spending most of my hours on Stake by playing Keno and in long time didn't find any decent green hits. But hopefully they will comeback soon because im tired of seeing tones of reds every damn day lol.
  14. Yeah I saw that hit and all I can say that I wish to hit something like that so soon because didnt have any decent wins for long time and its not very cool
  15. What about me? In 2017 I always liked to play Dice,Hilo,BlackJack,,Plinko and Keno for sure (my friends know I am addicted to keno). In 2018 I started changing games. So for example I was making profit in dice and using it to hunt some decent multiplayers in HiLo or Mines (mines were working for me very-very rarely) so I stopped on hilo hunting AAAA/KKKK or even higher. My record was 18000x hit as I remember and it was really WOW. In 2019 Im almost fully went to playing Video Poker and Keno and some Plinko. From day when Video poker came out and till April-May 2019 I was super addicted to it but somehow I stopped playing it very often and moved to Keno. Now most of the time I am playing only keno and waiting for my miracles hits come true! Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed my little story