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  1. This post is since 2017 and no one has winned lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I have earned 18k sats since i created the account. One time i got banned on forum and all posts deleted so now I'm on - balance Now i decided to keep money like DarkBlood069 and others ..... On the past i have make 5 withdrawn but all busted so I will keep and when i make 200k+ sats i will withdraw to my wallet Thanks Stake for letting to earn money by forum
  3. Hey Etude! I often start with the number 4 and i always go high and catch a good multiplayer! But if you start with the card A/K you have to try to catch the same and get 12.87x But It's better to start with the lower number card because It's not risky Thanks, BadG Good luck everyone!
  4. Yeah we need to hope the developers will solve that
  5. Yeah Etude i have that error with the Trivia Bot when someone wins the Trivia it showes tip the user who won but when i select Tip it gaves me an Error so i have to do it manually
  6. Yeah, When support is tipping i say they hate me or what is happening? But finally Shinjo has tiped me with 10k btc and im very happy Thanks Shinjo supports are very kind people
  7. Hello friends It's me again BadG.Today i will make a question for you . The question is "Which is better to use " for saving our money :Bank account or on the vault. For me I think It's better to use on the Bank accounts because if we forgot the password of our email we cannot confirm withdrawal ! So what about you people !? Thanks by BadG
  8. Griff we need to save what we won on the vault or busts on the allin
  9. Yeah , It's great idea to save everything on vault what we won and open on the christmas Thanks xtinepink
  10. “Wow thats such a nice and good idea and suggestion for the trivias. I hope this suggestion becomes true and then we can win trivias easier than they are. About your suggestion I think the option should be mandatory when you do a trivia.” Thanks
  11. I thinked u muted me sorry man so its xPerson(Mod) but the mute is permament i know.....
  12. I completed the diamond poker challenge in 5 minutes is very easy
  13. Hello I'am BadG. Today i will make a question about support. Maverick sayed you are muted 48hours for passive beggings, but when i went to my Bank account i saw BadG "Muted until January 1 1970 1 pm" Is this permament mute ? Maverick528 sayed you are muted 48hrs for passive begg and i was surprised when i saw Muted until 1970 Maybe he did a mistake?! Somebody can give me a answer !
  14. I made just 10-15 deposits because im a new in gambling.. But all depos busted
  15. Hey friends It's me BadG. Today i wanna ask you people for the "Keno" Challenge Is it hard for you to complete the challenge? I never completed a word i tried so many rolls and never caught 17x. I saw to many people completed challenge, but i wanna know after how many rolls they did that.? Any seed to complete that challenge?