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  1. BadG

    Mod of the Year Award

    Hey people i wanna ask you who is your favorite moderator on Stake My favorite mod is Shinjo because he is so cool with me when i make a mistake he lets to solve my mistake and never repeat them maverick is so angry he just wants to mute others Shinjo helped almost all of us .Thanks Shinjo Respect for you
  2. Hey guys It's me BadG . Today i got rained with 111 bitcoin sats and i go all in at Mines with 1bombs and cashout at 24,75 i wonned 2500 bitcoin sats and i go at mines again with 8bomb all in then i won a 17x so i made a 36k. So i was lucky at those moments but few minute later i busted all from 36k to 80k when i busted everything at Plinko Everyday im busting almost 15$ so no lucky what is happening with me i need to change game or seed ?
  3. BadG

    Did you win any giveaway?

    I won just one giweaway at Mrjoker777 livestream i was surprised when i saw my name BadG won i sayed wow and i was very happy that day Good luck hope you will won like me
  4. BadG

    Any movie suggestion from you?

    Hello griffineyrolds , if you are searching for comedian movies i will suggestion you a movie called " The three Stoges" Three Lolot! Abandoned on the stairs of an orphanage with nuns when they were babies, Moya, Lerri and Curcelli grow out of each other's eyes, firing at dacha and slamming heads. Now, the ineffective trio - pure in heart, but lacking in the trunk - find themselves on a crazy mission to rescue their childhood home from bankruptcy. This movie is made in 2012 but its very commedian i will preffer you to watch this movie Another Action movie is called : Alone We Fight 2018 Facing great hardships, a small but determined American soldier goes into the territory of a dangerous enemy on a mission to stop an advanced German unit to break the ally border.
  5. BadG

    about your strategy

    My dice strategy isn't to earn so much but .I play like this i play under 78 on loss i increase 30% on win reset to normal bet . Hope you will win a lot proffit with this strategy Have a nice day Good luck everyone
  6. BadG

    Some Brand Managers Infos You Should Know

    Thanks @Carollzinha for letting us to know more informations about Brand Mangers team
  7. Everytime i withdraw from my vault i confirm my email and after refreshing the page and my money came to my btc wallet
  8. BadG

    Maybe support.....

    Lol maybe moderator 😕 Thanks griffinreynolds for helping me where to post that topic but maybe mods or support will send it to that section. I accept my mistake i dont wanna make it again...So maybe they can The PvP mod and play each other ☺
  9. BadG


    Hey people It's me BadG I wanna know what is biggest multiplayer you can win on Hi-Lo game? My best Hi-Lo multiplayer on HiLo is 168x 0sats bet with 25 cards or more...! Reply your xMultiplayer record and i need to know more about Hi-Lo game 😊
  10. BadG

    Road to 1 Etherum

    I hope all of us to win a big amount on Stake. If i bust 20-30$ I dont care cuz Casino is to win/lose all Gl wish you all the best 😃
  11. BadG

    Maybe support.....

    Hello people in this topic i will make a request from support... Maybe support make me and others happy🤗 If they add's PvP mode (Player vs Player) so we can play 2 people with each other So an example: I bet 250sats and x(player) bets 250sats so one of the players can win 500sats his 250sats and another player stats.. Example If I bet dice under 60 he bets above 60 so we press roll and if point goes under I won sats, if it goes above 60 another player who has bettet it won's the sats.... Hope they add this mode and stake will be multiplayer Casino.... 👏🙏😊 Good luck ...... Topic by: BadG
  12. BadG

    Do you feel Guilt When you Bust?

    Some times when i bust almost 80% of my money. I make a all in and recover all my feeling when i recover all is very happy... I don't know how to explain that feel... But when i bust all 200$....or more, I feel very bad.I'm ready almost to cry 😂 ...Good luck but think only to win don't bust.... And Chage your game after every 5minutes to win a lot proffit🤗 Good luck everyone....
  13. BadG

    Road to 1 Etherum

    Buddy you are awesome with this reply Yeah mate .Next time i will play plinko and trying to chose 1000x but my best hit in plinko is 260x with random seed ... 0.05 to 1eth was so close but im scared to make all in and busted all 😥
  14. BadG

    Today I hit

    Hello Guys, i wanna tell u today i hitet a x70.26 Multiplayer On mines with 15k etherum. And a 913x with 0 sats bet. My strategy to hit so much on Mines is.. Play mines 8bomb and 5bomb and startbet is to low amount because will lose first 5 games and after losing 5 games or under 5 make a high bet amount at least 50k eth and chose a lot tiles... Its better to let random to select it choses almost the greens... 👌...Good luck hope to hit again with 15k sats 🤗 ..... Have a nice day By BadG
  15. BadG

    Road to 1 Etherum

    Hello Guys, I'ts me BadG. I wanna tell you guys my target is road to 1 etherum . But i think it never will happen... My favorite game is Mines, last night from 50k eth i went to 0.05 Etherum.And i decided to play Mines with 15bombs and chose 2-3 tiles cashout .But the sad new's is i busted all my bet for game was 150k Etherum and after 20-30Bets i losed all. So from today i learned something... Change game every 5minutes to not lose all. I think one day i will make 1eth 100k eth bet hitting 1000x at "Plinko"... Thanks Have a nice day......BadG......Good luck