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  1. The symbian OS has never been used on my computer . How to crack it ? I have failed several times. Which one is the best ?
  2. Me too , i am using Android phone now , so you voted for Windows 10 .
  3. 👍 It seems like you olny love Windows 7 .
  4. Sound good . I have never used Windows 7 ,i don't know much about it ,but a of my friends of mine is using Windows 7 , maybe i could try on her computer . Whoops , that locked computer of mine is using Windows 10,64 bit , but i don't have its password .
  5. Hi guys ,this thread comes from a Windows user,tell me which system you are using, and are you satisfied with its work? Having forgotten the original password, i now plan to reinstall a new system , Windows 10 or Windows 7 .