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  1. trying to log into game - says inwalid2FA, but i hawe same 2FA as before - what to do?
  2. увеличить скорость неполучится - это хаус тротлит скорость в зависимости от размера ставки, чтобы насолить ботоводам, наверное! насчёт скриптов: один и тот-же скрипт нельзя гонять бесконечно - по мере ипользования возростает шанс слива.. или - сыграли на скрипте в профит 5-8% от баланса, благодарите удачу и меняете на другой скрипт! на оффсайте дайсбот сежунтье - все скрипты = сливные, недоработки итд, - я год изучаю и так понял по результатам, хотите набор пофиксенных скриптов - напишите вличку, тут наверное нельзя выкладывать, все скрипты рабочие и бесплатно! я ими ежедневно гоняю и ловлю профит!
  3. just one important note: a bot is good for making massive amount of repetitive bets over short time, while human player will break concentration and start making mistakes eventually! but, that is also it's downfall - each bot strsaategy or script only works for a limited and short cycle, because every play system goes to bust as the time progress using it! so it is a matter of time, and sooner than later! do not expect it to run winning indefinately; but comes soon and hits you hard, may kill your whole balance, if you don't use fail-stops; when you are experienced with bots and scriptts, you will knowe how much longercan you expect a bot to win, and change the scripts/strategies, when you know it is about to fail soon! do not leave game on auto without reasonable stop-loss settings and do't be greedy - expect to win ~10% of you balance in one session if lucky!
  4. thanks for the vote of confidence in my post; let me assure you - it is completely legit and it tested positive with some profit; also it has been discussed in public; never forget, any system fails with time, so i may have been lucky; right now, im gonna test it here on Stake with my balance 7,000 DOGE and base=0.1 will keep you posted...
  5. Let me share a strategy for seuntjie's dice bot - the strategy is provided Free of Charge, and it can be found in public! It is used to play Dice and is a modified Paroli betting system with some Martingale elements; What I did was fixing some code, and adding safeguards to defend balance, like losslimit, minbalance, maxbet allowed, profittarget, so you can tell the bot exactly how much you want to win and how much it is allowed to lose, in case your luck goes negative way! Then I ran this very bot script and tested it on another site Y*** Dice, where it made a profit of 10,000 satoshi from a balance of 80,000, base=0.00000010 which is 12.5% and sounds good to me... [my daily plan was to win about 20-25% of balance in a day] -- paroli betting -- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1430193.0 chance= 45 base=0.00000010 bethigh = true multiplier = 2 nextbet = base curbet = base + 0.00000010 --must be the same as base stoponprofit = true profitstop = balance+0.00001000 -- STRATEGY wintarget = 0.00009000 function dobet() -- Check Balance if balance-nextbet >= wintarget and wintarget ~= 0 then print("\n\nWinTarget Reach\n\n") resetseed() resetstats() nextbet = 0.00000001 stop() ching() end if win then resetseed() if (stoponprofit and profit > profitstop) then stop(); print(profit) print(balance) print(">>>YOU WIN<<<") end nextbet = previousbet* multiplier if currentstreak%3==0 then resetstats() nextbet = base end else if currentstreak==-1 and wins > 0 then curbet = base --if it's the first loss in a streak, reset to base else curbet = curbet+ 0.00000010 --must be the same as base end nextbet = curbet end end hope that i'm allowed to post this information, if there's a problem, please , inform me, explain reasons or just delete!