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  1. This thread will serve the purpose to cover all potential questions and doubts by the users, so do not hesitate to ask on time. To whom it may concern: Regarding to the 25 days challenge. Some of us received warning points before the 1st day blackjack challenge ended which to the extent up to 10points. Stated that we're using multiple accounts on forum resulted in disqualification and sadly banned from forum. Other users rant about something that they were alleged of having multiple accounts and stated names which players denies and told them that they didnt even know who the alleged alt accounts are. On my side, I was given 3 warning points because I used multiple accounts. I know and I already acknowledged that one, because on the recent roulette challenge I entered 2 entries, 1 was on mobile and the other 1 is via computer. Im in doubt with the mobile screenshots that I provided so thats why I resorted in entering another account with bets id and image on computer. And I created a Topic regarding mobile phone users which I sought clarifications if mobile screenshots are valid. My topic was closed and I dont even get a clear answers, And this 1st day blackjack challenge, am sure I entered correct entry using my only account and sadly I dont qualify. I ask the supports even darko and I dont get a response.. Can anyone answer why? am just looking for answers am not ranting or anything. Thank you so much for someone who could help..
  2. MINES: 1,742,928,296 placed by lestatkram on 02/12/2018 Wagered 2.00000000 Multiplier 277.327x Profit 552.65384615
  3. Sorry. I meant about the challenges that requires screenshot. But there are also challenges that they are requiring to post some screenshots. Like the recent blackjack challenge..
  4. D ko maintindihan comment mo kulet. Ano ba yan tagalog na nga eh hahahahaahhaa
  5. Team betlogers mag ingay wahahaha meron pala tyong sariling forum 😂 Yow ako nga pala c Lestat. Ayun wala nakong balance eh habang nagaantay sa 2nd day challenge. Uubusin ko muna ung oras ko dito sa forum. Hahaha naninibago ako mg tagalog 😂
  6. Good day stakers! I would like to ask for any opinions or clarifications about my problem. Because most of the time im using mobile phone to play. Im in doubt regarding my entries on giveaways like providing screenshots on your winning bet. I cant provide a single screen shot including the bet i.d as well as the game image. That's why im providing multiple screenshots everytime I make an entry. 1st one was on roulette challenge, I was disqualified because I double my entry 1 was on mobile and the other one was on computer. Im indoubt with my mobile entry thats why I resorted on creating another entry via laptop. I also ask the support if whether my mobile entry was valid but I did'nt received any clearer response, they just told me that I was disqualified on double entry. And the next one is this 1st day challenge on blackjack. Am curious whether my entry is valid or not. Thanks to all that would give clarifications to my question. ✌
  7. Doing giveaways and you still won on discord. Youre such a lucky guy bro db. Share us some luck 😂 oh well. Goodluck to us then.
  8. I want that eth for roll hunt... grrrrr hope i win. Lol goodluck everyone!
  9. Yow bro dark! Thank you for this awesome giveaways! Hope ill win
  10. Congrats for the win bro dark! Hate plinko and chartbet. Always busted there 😭
  11. BLACKJACK: 1,723,942,775 placed by lestatkram on 01/12/2018 Wagered 0.00002400 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00003600 BLACKJACK: 1,729,501,623 placed by lestatkram on 01/12/2018 Wagered 0.00002400 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00003600 Goodluck everyone!
  12. Hope to win this one 😂