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  1. I to this day believe that I studied in my dream for an exam. It was the night before an exam that I hardly went to class for and barely opened the textbook or did any assignments. I went to bed that night admitting defeat and knew I would fail. That night I dreamt that I was studying in my dream and learning all the things I needed for the exam. The next day I wrote and when I got my results a couple of weeks later I ended up doing better even than some friends who had actually studied but just passed that exam. Legit a true story. I still don't know what happened on that night or in the exam. It was a matrix moment!
  2. I wouldn't change a thing. The law of unintended consequences, or the butterfly effect. I may have just been watching too much DC Legends of tomorrow.... Time travel and trying to change history is generally a fuckup. Who knows what might happen if you move even a grain of sand in the past...
  3. Stake scarab slots I'm not sure if it's Egyptian themed again, this is based on the picture
  4. Bringing in the new year with stake
  5. Well here's some good news from Eddie a bit earlier today...