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  1. I don't remember my legal age bet, but I do remember my first time (I was underage and used a fake Id). It was playing binho at a casino. Won a few times. Was lots of fun and i guess that's where I got hooked. If I'd lost it may have not drawn me in. Lol
  2. Roulette: ROULETTE: 7,697,858,265 placed by Concertrate on 06/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 36x Profit 0.00003500 Video Poker: VIDEOPOKER: 7,697,996,564 placed by Concertrate on 06/08/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 2x Profit 0.00000100
  3. Hey Lot! All the best! Username: concertrate
  4. This is exciting stuff! All part of the buildup to the launch of slots?? concertrate
  5. 1. My stake journey started about a year ago. I had recently started online gambling at other crypto casinos and after winning big at one of them I came across stake. Despite winning elsewhere, I have been loyal to Stake and prefer stake over other traditional gaming sites. It's the variety of games and different selection that keeps me engaged. In addition to that the community is awesome and the stake team is so active and always ready to help there really is no substitute! I have also recently become more active in the forums and chat rooms and the level of engagement across the platform and all the communication methods of insane. I doubt whether any other online casino has a similar level of engagement. And the bonuses and coupons dished out to players is also really awesome. Keep up the great work team stake! 2. Crash launched recently and during the promotion period I thought it was just going to be another version of limbo and had my doubts as to how it would be a multi player and interactive game. Boy was I wrong. Somehow just playing alongside other people in one game is exciting and is a similar sensation or experience to real life gambling at a casino. It's almost a short of camaraderie between players playing together with a common purpose or goal. The initial VIP beta testing was really cool and then once again the coupon on launch was awesome. I think the coupons given out are beyond compare and is a nice way for players to try out all the new features that come out on a regular basis! If crash was such a success already I can't wait to see what slots and sports betting are going to offer! Stake is definitely setting the benchmark in cryptogaming in my books!
  6. So here are my picks! 1st August: Ashes - England 4th August: Hungarian Grand Prix? - Hamilton 11th August: Manchester United vs Chelsea? - Draw 14th August: UEFA Super Cup? - Liverpool
  7. @nuuuitsjdragon you should check out my post on the house money effect. I think it is quite common and a proven bias... I know I personally have experienced this and others have said they do the same. Check out my post and let me know what you think
  8. Hey @tae40127 Check out my post on the house money effect here: Hope you enjoy it
  9. Not at all @polor12 These are just behavioral biases. Things which we do that do not always make sense. This series is not about how to win or "beat the system", but more about creating awareness about certain behaviors which we may fall prey to. It's not aimed at making anyone profit per say, but it's aimed at helping us identify where our actions are based on certain psychological or cognitive biases. Hope this clarifies...
  10. I have tried IQOS, vape and still smoke cigarettes. When I was training for a marathon I was using the IQOS and it seemed to be better than the vape as it is dry and doesn't give you any heaviness on the chest. It also doesn't have the morning cough. My blade of the IQOS broke so going to get another one soon.
  11. Thank you @Enzo I appreciate the feedback and will keep them coming for as long as I can. Keep an eye out for the next ones
  12. True that it is all about buying low, selling high, but what drives the market prices here other than sentiment? It is difficult to use fundamentals in this market, so it comes down to one or a combination of technical analysis and behaviour/psychology of market participants (sentiment). This makes it difficult to know how low it can go. The only thing that is certain is that us humans are fickle creatures 0.0
  13. Here goes Part 1, enjoy! What Is the House Money Effect? Investopedia gives us the following defintion with reference to financial markets and investors: It is clear that this bias is derived from gambling and I have personally found this bias present in my own behaviour. So in this case it is less of a behavioural finance bias present in gambling, but the other way around. Understanding the House Money Effect Cornell University researchers Thaler and Johnson borrowed from gambling when they first defined the “house money effect”. The refers to a gambler who takes profit from winning bets and uses some or all of them in the bets following this win. Based on this, traders were found to make riskier trades than usual after making profitable trades. In simple terms, once the investors get a taste of a win, they chase a bigger win and don't mind taking on additional risk because they don't have the same mental attachment to the profits as they do with the original capital (balance). According to various sources, trades where there is a significant or unexpectedly large profit may also give rise to this effect. To relate this to stake, imagine hitting a 1million+ multi on Crash only because you forgot to set your cashout and let it run accidentally to that level. The tendency would be to then make similarly risky bets off the back of this massive win in the hopes of making similarly out-sized profits. We have also seen some people get badly burnt with employee stock options in multiple cases (most recently think DotCom, Enron, Steinhoff, etc. ) where some employees don't exercise their options and diversifying their portfolios and instead double down and don't cash out because of the historical performance of the options. This can also be related to the bitcoin bull runs we see increasingly regularly where BTC millionaires lose out on significant profits because they are using "house money". Summary Investors or players are willing to take on more risk when they win and is attributed to the investor or player's mindset that the profit is money they didn't have before and would be okay to risk. So in our case, we chase higher multipliers or increase our stake (pun intended) size when we play with our profits/tips/rain/rakeback etc. Prevention To prevent us ploughing all our profits back in, we could follow two options: Stick to our usual strategy and playing style, or be a bit more conservative (lower risk) in our play. At least for a little bit until the desire to chase wears off. Personal experience In my personal experience I have been in a situation where I won about 4btc from a jackpot and proceeded to plough most of this back in trying to chase another one. Keen to hear your thoughts and feedback. Let me know in the comments if you found this informative, whether you like the format and what improvements I should make to improve.