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  1. In my opinion Garry Mod is quite lame I know other games like Goat Simulator (I know thats so goddamn funny) There u can be a goat and freaking live the life of a goat. I mean what is more exciting?
  2. It is not a movie but a series with about 10 episodes. I would rate it a straight 8.5/10 its really interesting and the story behind will solve like at the last episode!!
  3. Sup guys, im yet here to present you another netflix series. It is called Dark and is a series produced in germany about the time and a missing boy. If you know Stranger Things already this one will get you caught. I legit watched it in one day the whole fkn series have fun and check it out it is called DARK coolpens
  4. yeah indeed a good idea shouldnt be too hard to realise as well
  5. Very nice animation made me smile for today Maybe we could get some extra christmas avatars and same to easter and special events like that
  6. Quite interesting but why does a global player on the market need investions for an ICO? I mean NVIDIA is making enough money per year.. they could fund it all by themselves
  7. I am the biggest noob regarding to Post's I will need one year at least aswell
  8. Sup guys just wanted to share to you. On December 22nd Netflix will be launching a movie what is only avaible there it will not go into the cinema! It is starring Will Smith and some other famous people. I am really hyped check the Trailer here: and the sick music video with Marshmello here: greetings, coolpens
  9. I dont actually think it will make it this year. By my predicitons bitcoin will fall in december back to 4k then maybe rise up to 6.5k
  10. Nice hit dog try for a second hit
  11. smells like a big fat scam with withdraw 0.03 minimum.. dont try it guys!
  12. sick new feature thanks @Spike for the preview
  13. coolpens

    Plinko 1000x

    I have like 9000 bets or something like that never hitted not even 130 i guess