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  1. good suggestion, I shall consider to give user option to enable it or disable it in future updates.
  2. python scripting in MyDiceBot is under development https://mydicebot.com
  3. https://youtu.be/mvCedgWmp8w How to scripting in MyDiceBot Official Promotion - Experience of using MyDiceBot Random Airdrop 100 DOGE everyday # What you need to do Everyone can join Reply this thread with anything you want to talk about MyDiceBot At least 200 words in your reply/feedback Positive feedback or Negative feedback are both acceptable Leave your DOGE wallet receiving address/Or Tip you on Stake directly # What we will do Random pick up a reply everyday Airdrop 100 DOGE to the author's DOGE wallet of the reply/Or Tip you on Stake directly
  4. will investigate, btw, what is the hardware and android verison of your android phone? https://mydicebot.com/contents/download MyDiceBot - 19.8.21 Desktop & Browser Editions & Auto Update! MyDiceBot is supporting two different types of editions for PC right now Desktop Edition - Embedded Chrome by using Electron, to avoid browser compatibility issues. Browser Edition - Smaller size and need to open the UI through your local default browsers. Desktop Edition is supporting auto update YES, the Desktop Edition will notify you once there is any update of new versions, automatically. Desktop Edition is supporting Raspberry Pi NOW! Choose the mydicebot-desktop-19.8.21-armv7l.AppImage, have fun then. FAQ Why download .AppImage does not work on Linux? A: Using command 'chmod +x mydicebot-desktop-xxx.AppImage' to let the binary has execution mode, then it works.
  5. OK, we're working on referral program at this moment. So, it means that if you refer friends or other users to use MyDiceBot, then you could get rewards. Stay tuned... --- BTW, Android edition is here:
  6. Win 5,000 Doge by recording MyDiceBot with PrimeDice/Stake on YouTube (15 Aug 2019 - 31 Aug 2019) Download https://mydicebot.com/contents/download/ Version (Any one of them) Android Windows/Mac/Linux Goal Upload video of using MyDiceBot on PrimeDice.com or Stake.com to YouTube Rule Title MUST include 'MyDiceBot' and 'PrimeDice'(or 'Stake') Description MUST provide official site info of https://mydicebot.com Upload Period: 15 Aug 2019 - 31 Aug 2019 (date-stamp on YouTube) Copy and paste the URL of your video in the reply of this post Leave your Doge wallet receiving address on YouTube (to avoid someone steal your video and just simply paste URL here) Judgement Counting on 1 Sep 2019 Count the 'Voting Number' of your video on YouTube The most voted video can win the #1 reward - 5,000 Doge Rewards #1 - 5,000 Doge #2 - 2,000 Doge #3 - 1,000 Doge Participators - 100 Doge/each
  7. OK, we would like to make the bot run on raspberry pi next time...
  8. MyDiceBot Android Edition v190808 is released * Searching function is added in betting history, so you could search specific roll number/bet id/etc. easily https://mydicebot.com/contents/download/
  9. will do, it's under our development plan Existing one is local server(daemon) + web browser way... Pure desktop edition is under development, will be released in the next couple of days. So stay tuned. https://mydicebot.com/contents/download/ Using your phone to scan the QR code and then install. Have fun.
  10. https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/releases/download/v190801/mydicebot-190801.apk
  11. Android edition is ready to go. https://mydicebot.com/contents/download/ Using your phone to scan the QR code and then install. Have fun.
  12. yes, new android version of mydicebot is under final testing, so stay tuned.