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  1. you could use github/facedbook/google account to login MyDiceBot and chat with other users...
  2. We found that https://steem-engine.com is a good try on steem blockchain. So, we've created MyDiceBot Token - BOT and then...we are thinking about how to use it in a smart/proper way... Any idea or feedback? Let us know...
  3. if we consider to release a token, that could be an interesting thing...
  4. we have plan to provide account system in MyDiceBot, then you could login to do more operations...
  5. next plan for MyDiceBot is 'chatting room', then you can chat with each other in app.
  6. what do you mean 'platform'? you mean the dice sites? it's including prime/stake, and others sites on mobile edition.
  7. MyDiceBot - 190409 is released and Android 9.0 launching issue is fixed! https://play.googlace.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mydicebot.app
  8. MyDiceBot - Android Edition 190326 is released: # Google Play: * https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mydicebot.app * Recommend: Android OS version >=6.0.1 # Updates * Android Edition Speed Up for the initializing step! - Save 50% loading time. * Script - Lua Code Highlight with Line Numbers
  9. any feedback is welcome. i know it's not perfect and need more improvement. let's make it happen.
  10. MyDiceBot - Android Edition is on Google Play NOW! Android edition is officially released on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mydicebot.app Recommend: Android OS version >=6.0.1
  11. MyDiceBot - 190307 released! Fix Bitsler 3 new API issue and Mobile Web UI adjustment Git commit * https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/commit/0f3f2ba53ea0f6820bc3815cf5c9a1707f61ffeb * Fix bitsler APIs changing issue Code: let accessToken = req.session.accessToken; formData.append('access_token', accessToken); let userinfo = await this._send('getuserstats', 'POST', formData,''); userinfo.balance = eval("ret."+req.query.currency+"_balance"); userinfo.profit = eval("ret."+req.query.currency+"_profit"); userinfo.wagered = eval("ret."+req.query.currency+"_wagered"); userinfo.bets = ret.bets; userinfo.wins = ret.wins; userinfo.losses = ret.losses; userinfo.success = ret.success; * Mobile Web UI adjustment Code: if(webix.env.mobile) { $$("login_resizer").hide(); $$("supported_dice_site_info").hide(); $$("todo_dice_site_info").hide(); $$("login_tabview").define("height", 0); $$("login_tabview").define("width", 0); webix.ui.fullScreen(); } * KeePass Mobile adjustment Code: if(isMobile(req)) { filePath = path.resolve(path.join(__dirname, '../../keepass/'+keepassfile+'.kdbx')); } * Mobile Browser/WebView adjustment Code: function isMobile(req) { let deviceAgent = req.headers["user-agent"].toLowerCase(); let agentID = deviceAgent.match(/(iphone|ipod|ipad|android)/); if(agentID){ return true; }else{ return false; } } MyDiceBot Official Site * https://mydicebot.com MyDiceBot Online Simulator * https://simulator.mydicebot.com MyDiceBot Discord Chat * https://discord.gg/S6W5ec9 MyDiceBot Download * https://github.com/mydicebot/mydicebot.github.io/releases