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  1. CCRB

    think u can witdrw it and convert it once the token sale is over
  2. CCRB

    thnx just say did u get the 5 $ minum to witdrw is 40 so get all your friends to join hehe
  3. CCRB

    There are no catches and it's completely FREE to join. Moreover, You will get $5 worth CCRB (Cryto Currency) as soon as you Sign Up online. Now, you can Shop and mine hundreds of $s worth cryto currency every year without having to spend an extra penny! As soon as you Sign Up, you can start saving money straightaway for yourself as well as you can refer your friends too. It is as simple as that! Hurry up and click for FREE CCRB before the offer runs out - Sign Up Now: https://ccrb.io/affiliate/391925 reff link help a brother out heheh non ref linkhttps://ccrb.io
  4. stake

    no problem jelenaa
  5. stake

    can anyone acces stake or is it juts me i'm getting ip address of the server if stake cant be found
  6. Cryptoskull

    try it im trying it right now they had a give 1away of .02 btc so who knows
  7. Cryptoskull

    the faucet there is much higher than bitkong
  8. Cryptoskull

    oke so i was surfing around again lol and i came across this sit it has the same concept like minesweaper. they have 2 currencies bitcoin and ltc they faucet is for btc 400 sats and for ltc its 30k u can claim 20x per day. help a brother out and use my refflink hehee reflink: https://cryptoskull.com/?r=2933 normal link https://cryptoskull.com
  9. victory coin scam or nahh

    so i was searching around and i came across this site and they are giving away a lot but to withdraw u need ti deposit a certain amount ,you have to deposit more. Did anyone try this exchange ?Scam or not ? It seems to good to be true. 0.00050000 BTC 0.00100000 BCH 50.00000000 BLK 100.00000000 BCN 0.00500000 DASH 1000.00000000 DOGE 20.00000000 EMC 0.00150000 ETH 0.00200000 LTC 0.00300000 XMR 0.00400000 XPM 200.00000000 RDD 30.00000000 XRP 0.03000000 ZEC Ref link:https://victorycoin.cash/?a=raidengod normal link:https://victorycoin.cash
  10. New faucet listen and earn

    wait so 9 btc or what if u leave it 24 hours
  11. New faucet listen and earn

    love this site thanks alot mate but is it btc or other coin
  12. Chartbet Complaints

    chartbet keeps on crashing on .99x alot and its just not fun u can have alot of 1.2 x or 1.1 x before u even get a 2x that's why its one of my least favorite game
  13. 0.06 Bitcoin from 0.00061742

    congrats on your win man enjoy
  14. i trust stake because they let me witdraw my money with no problem and the staf are very nice here
  15. Waar zijn alle Nederlandstaligen hier?

    lool ike maar wij zijn met zo weinig