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  1. babojaga


    Hello @WildWoofer , good luck and good game
  2. babojaga

    Hello :)

    ty @athena2007
  3. babojaga

    Hello :)

    Thanks @6ix9ine
  4. babojaga

    Safe 90% dice strategy

    I had 10 reds in a row with this strategy
  5. babojaga

    Hello :)

    Thank you @sukillbtc , I'm having fun
  6. babojaga

    Hello :)

    I'm modern, I'm flying on a vacuum cleaner Thanks @JoshuaThePsycho
  7. babojaga

    Hello :)

    Hello everyone on the forum, I am a babojaga from Poland ☺️
  8. babojaga


    Hello @Rona13, gl ☺️
  9. babojaga


    Hello @Annemarie, gl
  10. babojaga

    Hello i am SergyYT

    Hello @SergyYT , good luck☺️
  11. babojaga

    Suggestion for improvement of the dice

    stop on profit or loss
  12. babojaga

    Primedice vs. Stake

    Stake has a lot of games
  13. babojaga

    My biggest bet multiplier in keno

    my best is 22x
  14. babojaga

    🎉 [1.5 BTC] Big Christmas Challenge!

    Good luck everyone ☺️