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  1. Novak Djokovic Angelique Kerber New Zealand Brazil
  2. Increased game speed by 30%
  3. this race is only for the rich people.. no matter how good you are in waggering you cant still become a top because how is that possible to win if you make thousand of bet before you wager a 1 btc unlike the rich people who make only 1 to 10 bet and they wager more 1 btc. so do you think regular player can win that kind of race. I think not.
  4. goodluck and have a nice profit.. gepozbtc
  5. yow yow wazup.. now I got an idea on how to get a high payout with low balance and less risk.. tnx jarrod yes yes yow another high payout with low bet. 35x to 42k x payout
  6. yeah I agree on that.. if you really like to win you must have to gamble what ever it takes.. and another thing the more time you stay in gambling the higher chance of lossing..
  7. more success and more new users to come stake....
  8. wow it's another goodnews to the staker people.. lets give a shot to this one cant wait anymore..
  9. Minnesota Timberwolves
  10. 25x payout from mobile only..