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  1. Faris you are the best mines player i have seen on my gambling history.Congrats i like how u play your multipliers are very big!. Can i ask you after how many rolls did you get this payots?! Cg again.Gl everyone PS: Biggest multiplier on mines is 233x with 100sats by completing challenge i got that I was so lucky after 5 rolls got it!
  2. Also I agree with you and Jakubb ! Some players aren't catholic! Im muslim and its better to have the holiday season giweaway name and maybe will be more players to try the challenges! Also the claim coupon prize is better then tip from giweaway because some player maybe like to claim after bust or idk.
  3. When faucet was 25sats i made it 5k sats in 2minutes by catching 24.75x on mines and playing chartbet it's easy! But if faucet will be up to 100sats sure we can make 1000x of it!
  4. I preffer to use the dark mode because when i use the light mode my eyes hurts a lot and then I have headache!😐
  5. Hello everyone! I would have a suggestion for you people!When u are betting and u lose example five times in a row i know you will be angry with the game and almost of us we make the biggest mistake on game the mistake is called “All in” I’t always happen to me like today i have losed 5-6 times in a row with 7k sats bet in the mines game and i was very angry and i maked a mistake with the All In maybe it wasn’t to much but was 45.000sats and i chosed 4tiles mines i can cashout at 76k but i bet one more tile and there was a boomb! Please don’t make that u will be riged on the game! Also always check the bet if its exact amount u want to bet! Because i bet wrong amount i thought was betting 9k sats but i made wrong bet 90k sats , and lost on first tile in Mines game. Have a nice day ! Thanks
  6. Can u remember the amount u won? And please send a screen shot of the pattern to hit the 56.000x! Maybe i can do with 5sats!
  7. Congrats man! Maybe u could withdraw...before the bust.
  8. Wow 420x so far u should next time to bet 100k and get 0.42m eth. I never hit the 420x before best was 56x with 50dogecoin.Congrats!
  9. Hello people. Today I have decided to make a question for you. Which one of the cryprocurrencies is your favorite coin to play?! The cryptocoins:Bitcoin Litecoin,Etherum,Bitcoincash,Dogecoin. My favorite coin or crypto currency is the Dogecoin, because i usually get proffit 200x of my balance and then change to bitcoin then withdraw xD. Have a nice day by Ricaard!
  10. I always play the mines game maybe some of them know that but its very proffitable by betting 5bombs 3 diamonds and cashout. If u have 1 ltc u can bet 0.2 and get 2x by hitting jsut 3 diamonds its easy. Easiest game to get flame is hilo u can get 1000x+ if u are pro player. Mines has no strategy just hit the tile if they are diamonds u get cashout
  11. Hey Mic, i everyday play with doges cuz i get fast proffits with them bet 500 doge cashout 3x and u get a lot proffit last week i went from 133 doge rained to 20k dogecoin + but then i played 5k doge bets and bust on first tile on mines !
  12. Yeah kuba better to have the chance to withdraw as eth or ltc ...
  13. MINES: 1,743,949,691 placed by Ricaard on 02/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 277.327x Profit 0.00027633 I have got it in 7 rolls xD.
  14. I have made a lot of mistakes but one of the worst oen is the "all in" 300k sats bitcoin and lost on mines with chosing first tile but tomorrow i had again 20k + doge and losed all again but it happens casino is win/lose.