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  1. its not gonna happen for me. im not lucky at this
  2. number 65 hahaha i dont have more money to play with
  3. hello, welcome to the stake. Best luck for u
  4. i dont have any balance rn. My balance is 0 ,, all is 0. RIP EVERY BALANCE
  5. jgn smpe addicted, pokoknya hrs sadar2 diri aj, klo sdh menang ya tarik aja. gk ush d lanjutin.. nafsu2 ntar gagal smua kan sedih
  6. just be carefull, so much scammers out there
  7. i didnt like dogecoin so much, maybe at 2020 it will go down xd
  8. apalagi dlu wktu SMA ada classmeeting,, sumpah itu moment2 yg gk bisa d lupakan kangen..
  9. 1. Plane 2. Car 3. Bus i would love with plane, cause i just enjoy flight travel. but sadly i cant enjoy it everytime. cause limit of the money, u know what i mean
  10. sometimes blackjack. when i hit 20 and i feel i can win, and u know what happen? dealer got 21.. big F XD