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  1. You need both bro, but most of the time you need luck
  2. You need luck bro thats the best strategy
  3. clarvin

    3x green in a row!

    Wow, nice one dude
  4. clarvin

    New mines strat

    Thanks bro, i will try this one
  5. It is very hard to hit royal flush
  6. clarvin

    My First x130

    Nice one, congrats
  7. Low risk is fine, but you need is luck
  8. I think there's no way to find who send you btc, but if someone send me 1 btc i will hodl it till become $20000
  9. I prefer player because it's 1:1
  10. clarvin

    Dicebot or manual?

    Manual, Just to test my luck 😆
  11. clarvin

    100x Dice

    I feel you bro, I lost all of my funds with that payout
  12. Maybe I will try this one.