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  1. hi good day! did you know about trading bot? i was interest to trade btc using bot like BM and other site:)
  2. the fun in gambling is to win BIG and LOST. if you place bet in small and win big thaT awesome. if you place bet big and win small thats stupid everyone has a explaination on how on the gambling work for money
  3. count on me i will join the pizza day :)
  4. KENO: 2,632,734,456 placed by JDacer on 31/01/2019 Wagered 0.00011000 Multiplier 4.5x Profit 0.00038500
  5. yes i have experience i hope the developer fix it so that support will not reply visual issue
  6. when you play chartbet bet 0.0001 either then if you hit the bigger payout like 1000x then if you cashout the result is crashed, 1.00x or 0.99 im not only player who experience like this
  7. Chartbet:1,913,515,255 this is always happen not only me again how can you say visual?
  8. hi good day can you verify Chartbet:1,900,846,764 i place the bet 0.0001 ltc reach 1000x payout 0.1 ltc something i click cashout the result 1.00x crash its 2x happen this day this is not visual issue
  9. i just encounter 90,000x payout only i get small winning i claim early
  10. i will bet 0.0001 btc to hit 1 btc soon
  11. anong payout ginagamit mo kapag mag laro ka ng chartbet?