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    Uspech33 reacted to AleksandarZ in [700$]|Stake UFC Predictions Table 👊|Guess the winner   
    UFC Fight Night Winners:
    @Uspech33|18 points @Alex20031|15 points @BigDadia|14 points @pocstar|13 points @kin77|12 points @maksatka|11 points @7thRebuke|11 points @giorgim6666|11 points @KevinS1994|11 points @nashka|11 points  
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    Uspech33 reacted to Ghostnipple in Longest Losing streak on Dice?   
    max streak to payout ratio in a legitimate casino is 15:1
    2x max streak would be 30 below 2x
    the odds of that happening are 1:166,666,666,666
    I'm sorry to have to say I have seen streak to payout ratio's of 20:1 and 23:1 on stake.com
    The odds of such an event happening is 1 in 12 500 000 000 000 000 (12 quadrillion or 500 trillion)
    So which do you think is more likely:
    1: Stake dice game is rigged
    2: seeing a streak twice in one week where the odds of getting that streak are 1 in 12 500 000 000 000 000
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    Uspech33 got a reaction from ubbey04 in Happy Birthday Eddie !   
    Happy Happy Birthday Eddie
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    Uspech33 reacted to Ghostnipple in Help me I always lose   
    I have an account with stake for two years I play daily and am 12btc in profit. Ive never been at loss on stake.
    I wont offer you advice, but I will ask you a question.
    Do you want to gamble or do you want to win?
    Most Players confuse these two things. They are not the same.
    This by far is the worst advice given in response to your question, do not under any circumstances follow this advice. Following the "perfect blackjack system" tells the casino exactly how you are going to bet. If they know how you will bet you are going to get royally fucked.
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    Uspech33 reacted to seboafc in another..error and another skem fast bust? stake joke fake?   
    another..error and another skem fast bust? stake joke fake? after all this is not normal ... but what to expect in a casino where the same people always win (fake printers?) sorry why no live stats? why after error only red and fast bust? so that no one won ... of course, the stake will do an artificial show ... sorry but you can not look at this skem. since Stake prefers fake and scammers alright .. why do scammers always have luck?

    after.fake..skem..error...31.bets..20cents.and....4$..down..balance..normall..after all, Stake is so rich and generous that they make such giveaways that they win for themselves.live stats not working



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    Uspech33 reacted to Ghostnipple in Win Chance vs Win rate   
    Posting this for those interested in this sort of data. Draw your own conclusions. Thanks to those who pointed out errors in a previous copy.  My script was rounding the payouts, which was throwing off the numbers. I simplified the payouts, so everything should be fine now.

    Ok Here is another Limbo seed but this time it is data from 33,000 games.

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    Uspech33 got a reaction from charvel in đŸ¶ Real Pet Pictures đŸ±   
    my wolfhound Batyr
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    Uspech33 reacted to PoserDispozr4 in Is There Anyone Else That Didn't Get $1 Per Lambo Ticket Bonus Funds   
    what are you talking about? You obviously didnt read any of the post.. Stake didnt ban me.. And the sites name is nowhere to be found.
    You didnt see that an administrator posted above you?
    Ohhhhh.,...You're a quick one..
    And for someone with as much experience posting here as you do, (614 posts) you would think that you are someone that doesn't make a complete ass out of themselves like you just did.. I'm sorry,  not trying to be mean or anything, but lets be honest.. You just stepped in it...
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    Uspech33 reacted to Ghostnipple in MinesBot - Hunt max payout while u sleep   
    Stake do not want players using bots, they want players on site using whatever limited betting strategies they decide to facilitate. Stake regularly make changes to the api that make the use of bots unreliable. As a profit driven enterprise Stake will always act to ensure that they maximise profit and minimize losses (player wins).
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    Uspech33 reacted to Ghostnipple in MinesBot - Hunt max payout while u sleep   
    No it may be possible to use bots, but only if / when the developers manage to update their bots to take account of changes made by stake. The strategy is not to completely block the bots, but to break them often enough to make their use troublesome and unreliable.
    Stake will claim they do this for security reasons to protect players. This is the same strategy the US government uses to remove personal freedom and privacy laws in order to fight terrorism. Sure you've sacrificed privacy rights and personal freedom, but aren't you safer from terrorists?
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    Uspech33 reacted to Ghostnipple in Do you change seeds?   
    I dont change seed target multipliers oscillate around the theoretical average occurrence probability (variance). If you plot the occurrence of any target within a fixed number of rolls on an x y axis with expected probability at 0, you will have a sine wave. If you do this you will see that in general good follows bad, and bad follows good. Good being more hits to your target and bad being less.
    If you rip in a section that has low occurrence of your target. Every bet that you've made in a bad section gets you one bet closer to the section of your seed that is good. Many will abandon the seed when they almost past the rough point.
    I would not change I have paid for every step closer to the good part of the seed. Changing seed throws that money away.
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    Uspech33 got a reaction from automatic in đŸ¶ Real Pet Pictures đŸ±   
    my wolfhound Batyr
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    Uspech33 got a reaction from Stefan in đŸ¶ Real Pet Pictures đŸ±   
    my wolfhound Batyr
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    Uspech33 reacted to Rigster in How do I size my bets?   
    This might not be of much help, but can you code?

    I just made a video where i made a program to help me size my bets and how many bets, If anybody was interested in looking at it, I could remake it with more features and public friendly. You give the basic numbers you would when setting up an auto bet and watch the results roll in. If u want to see what it looked like check out the first few mins of it: 
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