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  1. Simple, the community is awesome and who doesn't like having a chance to earn them big bucks hahaha. I also like the platform, much better than any other platform. Still prefer Primedice for dice games tho
  2. Haha, I think you're in the wrong thread.
  3. Lol, i can read. Don't worry about that? How else do you want me to find good porn? it's just a weird game... Not that I'm against weird! Just watch this thread!
  4. Xd, what the fuck is this game? A mod coud win if he posted and then closed the thread.
  5. Yep, it was a horrible scene... It was like they knew I was going to click higher or lower. But afterwards I betted a bit too high. I think it was around 1k but yeah. Now I pay the price for my greedyness.
  6. made almost 60k sats yesterday with 250 sat faucet but I busted afterwards...
  7. Damn me too bro! Love that girl! Second place, I'd go for Kimmy Granger!
  8. That works well for me too, but I prefer to just start over with 250 sat faucet.
  9. That's true but it helps me out most of the times! I don't bust that much with HILO
  10. I love HILO game too bro! I use it to increase my 250sat faucet to around 10k then play mines and other games but mostly mines. HILO really helps me grow my little faucet in a few mins.