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  1. Yes i know but i can try afcourse. I am only running sites i am not an expert in coding haha.
  2. Hi I am running my own VGO site! A couple of days now. I am searching for a Developer that can help me with small bug fixes and more. I work with VPS Debian 8, 64X can you support or help me? Please share your skype, discord, or email with me.
  3. Hi You can play with all items like skins, weapons, wax keys etc Yes i have bought this script afcrouse is not custom made! I cant afford that haha. But its working and i am happy.
  4. Hi i want to introduce to you my own VGO Betting website. Togetter with @Julian074 we created this website to the online players. You can signin with your Steam account, you can select skins, weapons or more to bet with. You can play Jackpot and Coinflip. You can also create your own coinflip game. Visit https://gamesvgo.com If you have any questions about the website let me know in the comments. I can give people free WAX Keys for playing on my site. Wax key are 2,50$
  5. Yes i am complety agree with your post! People must be friendly and support eachothers. Alot of people are not themself and not nice to other members.
  6. I like my own porn site hahaha. i created my own gay site is cool right?
  7. whow that looks really cool! You have very luck with this man.
  8. Good to see you here! Enjoy stake we wish you the best.
  9. Congrats to the 3 winners of the Giveaway @irawk0 @neich @DutchPaint7 You already receive the 3$ amount on your stake account. Thanks for playing. @rack001 @steve @maverick528 you can close this topic.
  10. Thanks for joining @kayke94 @neich @irawk0
  11. Jep i see thanks alot! You the first one hahaha.
  12. Hi best Stake Friends. Some of you already know me as Brunkey on the chat. I am a Dutch Youtuber and i do alot of Giveaways on my instagram normall. i run also with @Julian074 an VGO Betting website. We want to give 3 players 3$ money to play on Stake! My last Giveaway was a succes thats the reason i do it again! Follow these steps to enter the Giveaway * Follow on Twitter @GamesVGO * Join on Discord (Link on GamesVGO.com) * Give comment under GamesVGO Twitter with your username. Thats all Guys! Saterday 12-01-2019 about 5 PM Dutch time i will send 3 happy winners 3$ money. Good Luck to you all.
  13. Looks great man! i think i will use this app thanks for sharing.
  14. Hi guys! I am proud to introduce to you my own VGO website! Together with my best friend @Julian074 @Brunkey We have GamesVGO a online Betting Platform. You can choose between Roulette, and you can select skins, items on CSGO to make more money. We have already setup a Discord channel. You free to join us before opening. We games we offer is Classic Game - Coinflip and Double Game (Roulette) You can login with your Steam account. Attention! We are not a official casino or registered we do this only for helping other people. If we grow afcourse we will get a gamble license. If you have any questions visit the website or join us on Discord. More information will be giving soon.