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  1. I would like to see that! But I think it could be better in discord for example.
  2. Loan useful in bussines. When you know how to multiple them. Never loan to gamble or for staff.
  3. Xumus

    Hilo 47000-x

    Omg Wow HOW?
  4. Black Mirror. Each serie is like a movie. It`s talk about important things of our reallity and social problems. But you should see by your own eyes.
  5. Someone likes number 7?) Wish you luck in New Year.
  6. Views never were a problem) There are some ways)
  7. Rayman! It was magic for me))) most remembebel. No one maybe don`t know it. Now only PC.
  8. You can separate "invest" And play whole year) Small amounts more value 😃 Important is what purpose would you prefer? Maybe I could make a crazy playing day. And do my best to not lost all at once(no) )))
  9. Not big chance for this I think! Lucky
  10. Humanityroad.org More needed that donation. I think.
  11. Stake probably could upgraide their Youtube. Nice place to grow.
  12. Maybe when start lose strick 😃 Logic