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  1. jape2018

    Getting to know each other!

    Hi Folks! I wanted to know you. Comment your stake name Mine is: jape2018
  2. jape2018

    Gambling winnings/losses!

    Hi Folks! Comment your experiences of losing/winning in stake or other online gambling sites. How much is your biggest winnings/losses. Comment your thoughts!
  3. jape2018

    Dota 2 Players!

    Hi Folks! Who are here playing DOTA2? Comment your ranks lets play at sometime!
  4. jape2018

    E-Sports Betting!

    Hi Folks! Who are fan of E-Sports betting? Can you list some site where percentage are bigger? Comment your thoughts!
  5. jape2018

    Highest multiplier!

    Hi Folks! What's the highest multiplier you won in playing HI-LO? Comment your thoughts