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  1. I started playing on stake when it has just bitcoin and the faucet was 100 satoshi.. Now we have some cryptos to choose.. I played with bitcoin, eth, some doge coin..etc
  2. Just a few people know about crypto and stake.. For sure they will think that we are just playing some games. But this is for real
  3. I was gambling a little in real life, lost some money. I think it was a beggining of addiction.. but i am good now.. Started playing on stake.. My girlfriend don't even know or family about that.. I have one friend who knows this.. I lost money with stake.. but i also won some money... i don't exactly know how much. Maybe i feel a little bit guilty sometimes.. but these are our decisions and when we are gambling we have to play smart not to bet more and more money like an addicted..
  4. I would like to but from that shop! Also with satoshi not dollars.
  5. What an amaizing idea I don't know what to say.. Maybe one day it will be.. But they have to develop all the games in real life somehow..
  6. Amazing idea. Very hard in reality...We have to travel a lot to meet each other which is awesome..Maybe one day it will happen
  7. WHEEL: 1,781,806,812 placed by AlexTheImpaler on 04/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.8x Profit 0.00000680 WHEEL: 1,781,808,245 placed by AlexTheImpaler on 04/12/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.8x Profit 0.00000680
  8. Somehow.. They sent pe friend requests when i had the fire (highroller)
  9. I really like cars.. but it's an expensive hobby so for the moment.. i am not in so much
  10. And those people are begging for satoshis
  11. I don't know. Actually, nobody knows if God exists.. Maybe it's nothing more than hot air..