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  1. many times,, and happy that they give me a chance thats why,,, im careful what im saying all the times ,,,
  2. Congrats ,, and make more profit reyar
  3. a lot found friends,, and more more friends,, now here almost 3 years now,, then a lot of friends reyar
  4. yeah spaghetti and fries too ^_^... reyar
  5. Eddie and Ekzxc , to eddie ask to refund,, and to ekz,, just to do a fun of play in stake,,, and my girl friends ,, tooo to make memories bonding reyar
  6. The first thing I would do would be to go to the store and buy some new clothes. and then ,, party2x, ^^,, and say hi to my old friends and flirt them,, hahah reyar
  7. i dont have favorite mod,,,all are desame reyar
  8. missing the old site,, but happy to reading chat,, ^_^ reyar
  9. reyar Mikado LEEETTTTSSS GOOOOO
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