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  1. In my experience, I have heard of it a lot. i gave it a try and now, I am really into it. it totally got me 🤩
  2. Because i like to bet and it`s easy money
  3. I agree. I use google chrome for everything¡ simply the best browser ever 🤩
  4. Once I am full recovered from my loss,, I give it another chance the next day and so on or until I get lucky, whatever it happens first.
  5. Almost everyday, 1 or 2 times a day, it's so fuuuuun !
  6. i joined to stake on november 2017 with another account but i lost it, so i here we are trying again.
  7. Light moder cause i don't see too well, and brigthness help me to see
  8. Almost everything but diamond poker is awful, so slow and i prefer games where bets are faster.
  9. I think Plinko cause with a low bet you can get a x1000