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  1. wullliam

    Finally won 5148300.00x

    This is just insane had no idea you could hit this kinda multiplier lol... sick job man hope you have the luck on ur side again!
  2. wullliam

    My biggest bet multiplier in keno

    Impressive! i also play keno abit but my highest so far is 16.50x... Well Congrtulations
  3. wullliam

    What is your maximum bet?

    hmm i have done around 800 dollar bets but on other sites here i think my max is 0.08 btc
  4. wullliam

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #13

  5. wullliam


    a slots game would have been awesome!
  6. wullliam

    What is your biggest multiplier on HiLo?

    anyone else doing pretty well on hilo or? by far my fav game
  7. wullliam

    What is your biggest multiplier on HiLo?

    omg sick still man, must have took a few tries to reach that goal 😜
  8. wullliam

    love hilo

    hilo is by far my fav game haha wbu you guys ?
  9. wullliam

    Chico's Stream - Gambling & Giveaways

    gl betting bro
  10. i have lost alot of btc like that tho, i was thinking thye maybe could get stuck in some way but dno how?!?!
  11. Gl shinjo enjoying the stream have a nice day bro Wullliam