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  1. wcmawiii

    automated mode on mobile trick

    I don’t play much. I play plinko and i need better atomated on pc. And so on mobile
  2. wcmawiii

    4412830.00x Payout

    Wow! That nice hit. Big profit.
  3. It mean something on my plinko. After increased bet all gone fast and busted fast. Lol
  4. wcmawiii

    The lucky streak goes on...

    Welldone. Nice hit
  5. wcmawiii

    How do you deal with chasing losses?

    Yes! After increased bet I always busted fast. Maybe break a bit before you try again or change game. Or be friendly chatting. Lol. Before you try again. And it works for me sometimes. Only sometimes. 😝
  6. wcmawiii

    Busting more than what you'll gain.

    One more things. As I’m newbie in forum. I need to earn +20 post to be able to do this challenge. Anyway we all need to keep trying.
  7. wcmawiii

    Busting more than what you'll gain.

    I with you on this topic. For me I busted more than the price. Lol but that may good for some people who are lucky with hit early before they busted. Goodluck guys.
  8. wcmawiii

    The "Ignore user" function in Stake chat

    Who i need to ignore. All good people here how i can ignore good people. Nothing to do with me. Luv. All.
  9. wcmawiii

    🎨 Blackjack Redesigned

    Look nice. Hope you do something on mobile too. Well done good job.
  10. wcmawiii

    🎨 Original Dice Redesigned

    Good job. I started to love this site and forum. Many things happen interesting.
  11. wcmawiii


    Awww! Sweet truemeng. Thank you. ❤️ Thank you so very much. It really nice feeling warm welcome here. I’m glad to be here.
  12. wcmawiii

    🎨 Hilo Redesigned

    Nice. I need to try hi lo. Not playing it before. Im newbie need to explore all the games. Thanks for updating on your rework. Nice. I know you like it. mr,owl
  13. wcmawiii


    Hi bbw. ❤️. And of cause other thanks for warming welcome.
  14. wcmawiii


    Hi I’m newbie here in forum. Just learning how to. 🤗😊
  15. wcmawiii

    🎉 [1.5 BTC] Big Christmas Challenge!

    I’m new here in forum. But this is exciting prize. Nice. Will try up my points. So i can be in challenge. Thanks