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  1. wcmawiii πŸ”₯😡😡😡😡
  2. Hi Rade , welcome to stake. Lovely to meet you. Hope you enjoy and have a good time with all of us. , and Navena nice to meet you , hope you have a good time with us all.
  3. maybe better for vip and no vip (who has star and who has no star ) Yes it’s just affecting me for hit 24 hours mute! The reason support tell me. I post many 1 word, i got screenshots proof other players , 12 posted every post just 1 word. But that not spam no mute. I did 3 post 1 word. That i got reason. I answer β€œpass” , i call β€œ brad!” And β€œπŸ™„β€ that my 3 posted 1 word. Some players it’s there for spam to get rain they not get mute. Im there in chat most the times. Im not there just when it rain. More details. I saying not need anything just looking for where is standard? where is justice? The chat rule is for everyone or just for someone? all blahhh!!