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  1. These days I was seeing formulas to win betting on a number, but I still could not discover the percentages well because I also have studies in between ... But with a certain strategy I think it is feasible to bet on a number. I had thought to bet on red and black one single chip so I would be throwing shots at nothing, since I would not win or lose money, and do that about 50 times and see what numbers come out. If, for example, in those 50 shots the 0 did not go out once, what would do would be to bet 0 on a number of chips 30 times. and if it comes out I will win a lot of money, and if I lose I would have to see how much I would have to add or what to do, my strategy is not finalized, I share this aver if you can help me complete the strategy. If the term I write to you without doubt: D
  2. Yes ... many times it happens. Also once made the mistake of betting everything without wanting, I thought, I thought I was putting much less but not ... and when I win I look at the money and tripled everything and did not understand anything haha. Also now I have nothing: yesterday I lost 0.00100000
  3. Hello good Morning! Today I bring my method to get cryptocurrencies in roulette. My method is based on betting on streets, the amount to bet depends on your money, however. you have to take out the calculator and do accounts, since you must have to multiply your amount approximately 6 times for the method to work. What I do is bet a lot of money on a street, and if I lose I duplicate it successively. For example: I bet 40 and lose, then I bet 80, then 160, 320, 640, 1280 and so on until I win. Once you win double what you have bet and multiply by 3. If you won betting on the last 1280, you will win 1280. To know which streets to bet you must follow the algorithm of how the numbers are coming out. If you make 5 shots, a special street does not come out, bet on that one, which will surely come out soon. My recommendations is that they do not put the roulette in automatic, since it must be changing the streets and the other is to be careful with what they bet, because although they bet only 40, losing many times, the income will be very high. This method is the one I use, but remember that no method is 100% effective, so I recommend that you alternate methods according to the numbers that are coming out. Luck: D Another method that can alternate with this is to bet instead of on a street, in two. since that way they will have a 66% percent chance of winning, if they lose, they beg silver and the same but with two streets. Luck.
  4. My formula is simple, and it is in roulette. Simply what I do is bet on one of the 3 columns a low price, once I lose double what I lost and so on. I think it is difficult to lose many times in a row but not impossible so it is better to change techniques over time, as possible every day. In my technique I bet for example 40 and lose, so I bet 80, and if I lose 160, and if I lose 320, and so on. if you have 320 won, you will win a total of 320, since it is multiplied by 3. My recommendation is not to leave it in automatic and to change columns following an algorithm that you have to pay attention to. Also, I'll make a post of my method in a few minutes
  5. BItcoin will not die, this is simply a bitcoin crash, but as before, it will go back up. The same thing always happens. What I think will die is mining, but we all know that mining is not something that happens.