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  1. Hi meng, try a "Marvel Marathon Movie" start from Iron Man 1 (2008) to Avengers Infinitywar (2018)
  2. Bet responsibly, only bet money you can afford to lose, sometimes when I'm on a "lose Streak" I'll just watch movies or do anything to distract me from chasing those lose bets, Goodluck on your Future bets!
  3. Hi mistake! lets play turbo mode
  4. I am a Filipino and I love to travel within the island of our county, nice post xtine!
  5. There is no such thing as a pineapple pizza haha
  6. fappkitty

    Plinko 1000x

    Hi wilbur, for me its just pure luck on hitting the 1000X and 130X, I've experience hitting X130 twice in 10bets
  7. LOL haha this made me laugh around 42times haha
  8. YES please haha! hope they could also put E-sports
  9. this is a very good and helpful post keep it up! goodluck on your bets!
  10. for me hi-lo is the best game in stake, cheers to everyone!
  11. very strong and brave bet brother, keep it up goodluck!
  12. nice strategy bro, very useful for us newbies, goodluck in your future bets!
  13. Yeap, here in the Philippines I've met some players outside stake
  14. Hey Fotis, for me its just pure luck haha, hope it works for you