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  1. The ups and downs of prices of bitcoins and any other cryptocurrency affects the way I gamble. I have set a limit for me to gamble each month as per the income I make each month. I gamble to entertain and relieve my stress or myself. But I can not gamble in which will affect the food I put on the table for the family. In general I won't play or gamble money or cryptocoin I can not afford to lose.
  2. If I've got lucky and given the chance to hit a big amount, I will refrain from betting big and check my timing as well the game I am playing if my luck have change. Its like lightning won't struck at the same place the 2nd time around. Be cautious and play smarter because if not though you have fire on your username but you don't have balance to continue playing. But this is only what I think for myself.
  3. Well I think it's normal to lend and borrow sometimes. But not to the point that I will mortgage my property in order to satisfy my craving in gambling. I will lend a friend to the limit that I know he can or she can repay me back and vice versa I will not borrow the amount that will sink me and will have diffiuclty afloat.
  4. Hello Miss Jinz magandang umaga. Pasensya na at ngayun ko lang nabasa ito dahil matagal tagal din akong di nakapasyal sa forum. Maraming salamat sa napakagandang usapin na ito at nabanggit mo pa ako sa isa sa mga dating baguhan na maraming naging kaibigan sa stake. Ang ganang sa akin lamang mapa virtual o tutuong buhay man ang pagiging tutuong tao at pagbibigay ng respeto sa kahit kanino at hindi magiging basehan ang status ng buhay (ika nga bata, may edad, mahirap o mayaman man) ang pinaka susi ko upang magkaroon ng mga kaibigan. Mahirap man ako at pangit nagiging mayaman at gwapo naman ako sa pagkakaroon ng mga kaibigan na pwedeng utangan pag nagkakataluhan na (hahaha biro lang po tungkol sa utang) Marami na din ang mga baguhan na sobrang friendly at tutuong tao makitungo at saludo ako sa kanila. Muli maraming salamat Miss Jinz na hanggang ngayun ay andyan ang pagtulong at suporta mo sa akin upang mapalawig ko pa ang aking kaalaman sa paglalaro at pag gamit ng forum. Magandang araw sa iyo Miss Jinz.
  5. Wow mouth watering prize, hope I can join and have a slice of the prize. Good luck to everyone.
  6. lenra609 Goodluck to everyone with the lucky 7's.
  7. hanga ako sa pananaw mo tama ka dyan, lahat ng bagay, pangyayari o kaalaman ay may limitasyon walang isangdaang porsiyento.
  8. lenra609 A friend of mine from faucetgame invited me to stake.com.
  9. Well for me still runs normal I have been playing since morning and my pc and cooler runs smooth. Maybe you have to clear your browsing history and cache. Sometimes we've opened some site and closed it but when we open our browser still runs on the background.
  10. Congratulations!!!! Mladen. God bless you and your wife including the whole family. lenra609
  11. lenra609

    Plinko 5k

    Nice hit with the 5k in plinko. It takes a lot of patience and specially luck to get one but the feeling is overwhelming once achieved. Wish you more hits with the 5k and more luck and winnings. Have a nice day ahead.
  12. Good day or good evening to everyone. i have experienced some problems regarding my deposit first thing that came to my mind is the support. I have received a very fast and warmth response from the support regarding my inquiry. For me I am very well satisfied with all the stake support. There are fast and very polite. Thank you.
  13. @Rhea0121 she is too funny and sweet. she always made me laugh with her funny stuffs in the chat room.