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  1. hanga ako sa pananaw mo tama ka dyan, lahat ng bagay, pangyayari o kaalaman ay may limitasyon walang isangdaang porsiyento.
  2. lenra609 A friend of mine from faucetgame invited me to stake.com.
  3. Well for me still runs normal I have been playing since morning and my pc and cooler runs smooth. Maybe you have to clear your browsing history and cache. Sometimes we've opened some site and closed it but when we open our browser still runs on the background.
  4. Congratulations!!!! Mladen. God bless you and your wife including the whole family. lenra609
  5. lenra609

    Plinko 5k

    Nice hit with the 5k in plinko. It takes a lot of patience and specially luck to get one but the feeling is overwhelming once achieved. Wish you more hits with the 5k and more luck and winnings. Have a nice day ahead.
  6. Good day or good evening to everyone. i have experienced some problems regarding my deposit first thing that came to my mind is the support. I have received a very fast and warmth response from the support regarding my inquiry. For me I am very well satisfied with all the stake support. There are fast and very polite. Thank you.
  7. @Rhea0121 she is too funny and sweet. she always made me laugh with her funny stuffs in the chat room.
  8. oooppss sorry Steve, haven't read the rule properly, got very excited. Thanks but I hope I can join next time in your future giveaways. Have a nice day or night to you.
  9. PLINKO: 2,888,524,496 placed by lenra609 on 10/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000444 Multiplier 5000x Profit 0.02219556
  10. PLINKO: 2,826,537,508 placed by lenra609 on 08/02/2019 Wagered 0.00000666 Multiplier 139x Profit 0.00091908
  11. Wow nice win, indeed. Playing with 24 bombs and 1 diamond will be the scariest thing for me in playing mines. Thanks for sharing your experience and giving motivation to play mines.
  12. When I have first tried playing mines I am always disappointed about my chosen block has bomb and explode. But days past and I am already been addicted to it. It's a game where I really cover my face or eyes when I already had opened 6 or more blocks and was really hoping that I made a very wise decision and would not explode. I laugh with my reaction after clicking the cashout. But 1 or 2 mines is not that stressful to click, but finishing most of the block just shows how strong your guts is.
  13. I may take other people's suggestion but not as an advice to consider. Deeper study and research is my main stuff when making a decision about cryptocurrency. I made some income in the past and for me I believe that I can make more in the future. Since the boom of bitcoins already have taken the virtual economy and people made more virtual coins to compete with it will make tons of story to discourage new investors to invest more in bitcoins, but for me bitcoins is already stable and made some profit from it so I will stick with it.
  14. It happens to me too, but I always clear my web history and resetting my modem. It works for me well. Also there is a certain day and time that my internet drop it's signal and my game is really in a terrible state. So checking my net speed will give answer. I don't play when my signal is weak because I won't enjoy playing.