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  1. Skateboy

    Best Movie Ever?

  2. Skateboy

    Wie seid ihr hier gelandet?

    Durch Zufall (Google)
  3. Skateboy

    Which browser ?

    Generally Google Chrome but for MacBook is Safari my fav, idk why!
  4. Skateboy

    CS 1.6 vs CS:GO ?

    Sometimes are the old versions the best versions but in Counter-Strike is now the time for Global Offensive
  5. Skateboy

    Share your fav porn site

    Hmmmmm I propose this site www.exporn.wtf Not much adversting Professional videos New but gold
  6. Skateboy


    Hi everybody, I'm Skateboy because I love to Skate So I hope I enjoy the time here @ Stake!