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  1. Hi there it's sinarzghlp on the chat I grew up in Iran and the situation was literally the same over there, it still is. There were very few English-speaking tourists around and really terrible education system as well. don't be shy about the grammatical mistakes you make. Keep up the chat that really helps. It's already tested
  2. JoshuaThePsycho

    Chartbet is the worst gamemode on Stake?

    Not the most but one of the "too risky" games. The riskiest game is Plinko I believe.
  3. JoshuaThePsycho

    Something from nothing

    Mine was 0.002 btc thats all :c That was from the faucet and the challenge i won
  4. JoshuaThePsycho

    How to recover?

    Im in the current situation. You know we all need to think productively , do somethin useful . Money doesn’t come eaaily and gambling isnt going to make anyone rich . Gambling is just a sort of entertainment inly if you can control it.
  5. JoshuaThePsycho

    How important is Crypto in your life now?

    Of course I HODL but honestly I invested my money on asic miners mostly
  6. JoshuaThePsycho

    Is stake entertainment or casino for u?

    Well both of them but I don't deposit a lot nowadays cause I lose a lot
  7. JoshuaThePsycho

    A never ending thread (last post wins)

    turns out i'm the final winner of this thread ❤️
  8. Once I lost whatever I had , took my car at 4 a.m. and drove around to smoke a few cigarettes with the last bucks i had in my pocket. That was a terrible night
  9. JoshuaThePsycho

    Keep playing or no?

    I'll wait I expect bitcoin to get to at least 15000 dollars
  10. JoshuaThePsycho

    🏆 [12th DEC] Chim-chiminey | [0.05] Blackjack challenge!

    BLACKJACK: 1,899,697,592 placed by sinarzghlp on 12/12/2018 Wagered 0.05000000 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.07500000 BLACKJACK: 1,899,329,434 placed by sinarzghlp on 12/12/2018 Wagered 0.00044000 Multiplier 2.5x Profit 0.00066000
  11. JoshuaThePsycho

    Why do you tip people?

    I'll tip if I win , but sadly I never do lol
  12. JoshuaThePsycho

    Why I can not withdraw commission referrals?

    I was wondering if the getting paid to post thing is stopped since I haven't received anything for my recent posts. It doesn't really matter thats just a question to me
  13. JoshuaThePsycho

    Favourite exercises?

    Training my fingers using a joystick ❤️
  14. JoshuaThePsycho

    Hello :)

    Welcome to Stake's friendly community dear friend. Enjoy your time ❤️
  15. JoshuaThePsycho

    The End.

    I'm glad you've made this decision before it gets too late. I'll be 22 tomorrow and I really need to quit gambling as well. Last night I lost whatever I had in my wallet not only on stake but everywhere I decided to play I really really wish you luck Gambling is pointless , it's just a bad habit which needs to get kicked.