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  1. rack001

    Stake Lottery! #1

    sent , Gl to all those who are entering too!
  2. Closing this thread winners were announced in Twitter comments and had to post them there only !
  3. rack001

    5 Seeds an hour?

    Please read the provably Fair thingy Properly , you clearly didn't understand it properly ;p , All bets are verifiable on stake , single one of em , the roll is calculated using the Server seed & Client seed pair along with the nonce . The same server seed is used in each roll until you change it . when you change it you can verify all the previous rolls with that seed .
  4. Great to see nice responses towards the site , The site will be getting more features and functionalities soon . Dina had this idea for months along with some more ideas (will be executed soon), so all credits go to her . Also what @Dan said is true too that the site is not affiliated to Stake or PD at all . Will be waiting to see more people use it and see more reviews here along with Suggestions & complaints (if any :p) !
  5. rack001

    DM Begging

    The best thing to do then is to take few screenshots and report to any Mod or Support online , PM Begging is a mutable offense and also reporting Beggar's is good for keeping the community clean too ! And you can also enable "receive Pm From only friends settings" ,so you get PM's From only your friends .
  6. HILO: 1,055,259,082 placed by rack001 on 15/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 186.882x Profit 0.00018588
  7. MINES: 1,038,810,331 placed by rack001 on 13/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 189.75x Profit 0.00018875 MINES: 1,039,013,107 placed by rack001 on 13/10/2018 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 277.327x Profit 0.00027633
  8. rack001

    Borderline scam?

    It's Just luck and maths to be correct . You can theoretically have infinite Reds on even the safest bet and have large amount of greens on a risky bet . Hilo depends more on luck as you choose where the next card will be ,so hilo games can be continuous gg and continuous busts too . And We are a lil strict on chat and forum rules as to keep the community clean and active . So be careful to follow the rules so you dont break em !
  9. rack001

    Stake House Behavior over time

    This type of thoughts are common thing and in proper terms is called "Gambler's Fallacy" . Also the Provably Fair System in stake is verifiable by anyone and also prevents the casino to do stuff like that. It also ensures the rolls cannot be changed , as the user has the server seed hashes (which is different for each string) and thus to achieve any type of stuff that you mentioned , the casino will have to change the server seed , which will never match the previous seed's hash !
  10. Most of the big exchanges stopped transactions few months back , at least localbtc is operating , and hopefully it will keep operating as its p2p stuff.
  11. Username : Rack001
  12. rack001

    Selling Bitcoin for PayPal

    Sharing Other User's Info is against rules of the forum , it doesn't matter how you get that information ! Closing this thread now as the user is banned ! You Can contact Live Support if you find this user using any other account on the forum or the site !
  13. rack001

    Not lil Satan

    Heya Lil Satan . Welcome to Stake !
  14. rack001

    Edward Giveaway Entry Topic

    Good Luck for the stream ! username : Rack001
  15. rack001

    ๐Ÿ† Stake Stream Giveaway

    Username - rack001