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  1. I think bittrex is dying too but the dying rate is slow . Last year i checked they were on the top of the bitcoin rich list but now they rank 3rd . It is not a correct way to judge , but it shows that their cold wallet has gone down 50k btc in balance this year only . That means people are withdrawing .So Bittrex would die but i think it would be the at the mid of 2019.
  2. Looks great , if there is a crypto running on Onion network would be more secure but still might be slow tho . But its still a more secure idea . Will definitely check it out thanks for sharing .
  3. rack001

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    Hi , I am Rack001 , people call me silly rack , I am here looking for a girl , (real girls only) , if you are a real girl , and think you look gorgeous PM meeh to apply for the post of GF ! Thank you Good luck Rack001
  4. If i had 10 btc i would be fliping/investing in altcoins for short term profits ! and then sell those altcoins for btc in profit ! So growing my 10 btc slowly and gradually ! And when i reach a good amount i will buy stuff , maybe a cool car , maybe a cool house but will be reinvesting eventually making money from that 10 btc !
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