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  1. Biggest Withdrawal

    not eniff to brag yet watch this space..
  2. ok another one .. whoot whoot ill have a gander at it
  3. Smallest dogs I ever saw

    my dog has been snatched to the dogpound its hard to find kos there are 5k dogs in a fenced off valley ... gona look again 2morrow
  4. Live Casino Cheating !

    frigging cheats good that they got spotted.hopefully fired aswell
  5. alrgty lets chack this one out ans see whats what shall we thanks 4 the post .
  6. Lose big Stay fit

    ahah i will have to do lots of push-ups ..lol
  7. Ghost Mode or Not?

    sorry what is ghost mode ????? incognito and how do u activate it
  8. Vaping - Is it really as BAD as SMOKING?

    i dont smoke but i wouldnt mind trying a vape with no nicotene in it but in thailand vapes are illegal yer go figure ,,ll
  9. [LegitCoin] Most Trending Coin this 2018

    great i missed it but will still check it out to se whats what ty
  10. [ANN] *NEW* Revolutionary Crypto Mini-Mining Hits MAINSTREAM!

    i will see whta tis mining thing is all about thanks again .
  11. Free Online Lottery

    thanks for the info i will chack it out,
  12. Faucets

    oh well i suppose if u like clicking and captchas u are in the game .
  13. I just got a free $150 apple stock with no depo

    good news if u live in the usa,,,,ok i will move ,,lol
  14. COINROLL is a unique resource that has no analogues.

    well i will have a look and see what t like thanks fpr the site info..
  15. Quit Gambling

    i suppose for some its the thrill and the buzz the get from gambling too