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  1. great stream miss at ya own peril athena2007
  2. athena2007

    Hi-Lo Bot

    and if there is such a thing dont you think you should ask the maker or owner... in [private
  3. athena2007

    stake wordfinder! WIN WIN WIN

    didnt know how to write name with paint lol athena2007 looks like .. my daughter done ilol and great giveaway kudos to you @luckystaker
  4. athena2007

    I like to help everyone :D

    red cross and samartiains are lookin 4 people like you .. a gambling site i dont think so..
  5. If you have 2500 btc lying around you can buy this hedgefunds manhattan mansion the seller is a crypto enthusiat and belives in BTC. So with a click and a few conformations the mansion can be yours,, Source:https://www.ccn.com/hedge-funder-accepting-bitcoin-for-his-us16-million-manhattan-mansion/
  6. athena2007

    86% of ICO Tokens Now Worth Less.

    great insight and yes i agree even if u research them it could still be a lead weight ..and time wasted..
  7. The woman tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, who is from denmark has partnered up with Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX) to make her own crypto currency token. So we have her and manny paquiao the philipino boxer who have sought to make thier own coins . Would you invest in one of them or maybe tiger woods if he makes one ????? Source:https://www.ccn.com/wozniacki-becomes-first-female-athlete-to-launch-personalised-crypto-token/
  8. athena2007

    86% of ICO Tokens Now Worth Less.

    Does this come of a surprise 86% of ICO Tokens Now Worth Less than what they when listed , It just goes to show you how many shitcoins that people made up where out there . There are only 10 Tokens that count for the 99% of all ICO gainings . Please leave your thaughts below. Source:https://www.ccn.com/86-of-ico-tokens-now-worth-less-than-initial-cryptocurrency-exchange-listing-price/
  9. athena2007

    Buying luxury goods with crypto in USA

    Well it seems like U.S retailer Marks who deals in luxury goods which include diamonds ect are now exceppting BCH and 7 more cryptos as payment , This would be a saving for the consumer due to chargebacks with credit cards ect. Is this service any help to you ? Source https://news.bitcoin.com/marks-jewelers-now-accepting-bitcoin-cash-for-payments/
  10. athena2007

    How many accounts you play in a day?

    sort of does that mean it rarely get filled lol ??
  11. athena2007

    Will Stake offer conversions?

    great news for stake members
  12. athena2007

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #10

    Xarmenia banned on prime fishing here carry on
  13. athena2007

    $250 Twitter Giveaway #10

    great giveaway and many thanks stake
  14. athena2007

    [Open] Stake Talent Show #1

    great vids well done
  15. athena2007

    Awaiting Payment from Stake Member

    well this was a fail from the first message .. why on earth would you do such a trade alarm bells should be ringing when he wants u to send first.,,hope u get ya money back david but i cant see it you do not have a leg to stand on from support. .thats my 2 cents