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  1. athena2007


    wait till u get 12 reds and we will see how safe this strat is ...
  2. i got a partridge in a pear tree.....
  3. best bot out there kudos to Seuntjies DiceBot and all the hard work he puts in to it..
  4. yep the best you can do is report to support.. so they can have a downtime but alas they will be back..
  5. i dont think u will be a poet anonnep... dont give up your day job ..
  6. whoop hooo pinky xxxxxxx suay mak mak ..na
  7. nope its not in my ettiquitte to do these things i am just pointing out the lenghts some people go to to beg in chat and pm .. and i tried to make it humouress and funny but its all true ....enjoy well give it a go you wont be thr first or teh last ,, happy fishing ,,
  8. i get that you want to get 10 post a different kinda fisherperson
  9. Great pic guys and dolls ... phones should be in a basket in the middle of the table.. lol whoo hooo my pal flipper xxx shake dem you wont break dem xxxx nice hot-pot lay...... hey ya
  10. well as u are the master fisherman they might learn something from you.. but i am sure you will not tell.. JEANZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ WHATS IS YOUR FAVORITE FISHING STYLE JEANZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ??????
  11. Can we have some more fishing techniques please .. lol @stimubate
  12. This restaurant is in Pranburi PRACHUAP KIRI KHAN THAILAND ... its been going for 5 generations , there is a sign outside that if you want your soup -ramen in 3 minutes your have come to the wrong place this place was a stall many hundred of years ago...the soups are quite expensive at 1.20 dollars....LOL You may chose what soup you would like i like a seafood tom yum ramen its call Cue Diaow Talay .. and my daughter likes a Jet Tau Foo .. its a kinda chinese name with red sauce in and hard squid jelly fish and other sea food...and chickens blood,, Beef soup and many other dishes
  13. please elaborate pinnky so i can add it xxxxxxx pats dina on the back to help spit it out xxx
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