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  1. I will depo all my balance so that it will be economic from tax. one i have $300 i will persiu more so that i can have capital next time cause playing casino is much easier to multiply you buggatis
  2. crypto is like an alcohol cigarette or drugs you cant resist on it once you start. Even you are losing you still have the guts to continue cause its so addicting. Also crypto is the future money so play and earn it just like youre in the future.
  3. I didnt have a large amount of coins to play so i want to know tips how could i win even if i only a little balance to start.
  4. I didnt experience winning yet hahah. But if someday i win big i will withdraw 90% of it and treat my friends while the rest will be my starting capital again.
  5. Since its my first time here, Stake affects my emotions depends on what happen on my past results if i gain or i lose but yeah i always lose hahah i suck on gambling but im having fun with it. Yeah so when i gained some pennies it will make my day complete even i cant withdraw it cause making money by your own is so exciting but when i lose yeah i easily get mad to anyone even if they didnt do anything 🤣