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  1. LuckyDollars it’s intended to denominate biggest decimal numbers of bitcoin satoshi. It has static, fixed forever exchange rate to bitcoin satoshi. L$1 = 10000 Satoshi (0.0001 BTC) 1 BTC = L$10000
  2. Lucky Clover Jackpot × Mega JackPot is available for super-lucky players, There is a rules to get the Jackpot. You need to win all 5 games in a row. It sounds crazy we know. But if no one will win this jackpot in a three months with 5 in a row, we will draw 50% of jackpot between players who reach 3 games in a row proportional. So if you won 5 games (win a game is when you collect 4 clawers) in a row you have no any competitors to get all Jackpot. If you win 3 games in a row you can pretend on share 50% of jackpot with players who already got 3 games in a row. This drawing will take place four times in a year. 😊
  3. Deposit BTC Deposit ETH (Min 0.03 ETH) Minimum deposit amount is 0.0060 BTC (L$60) Maximum deposit is unlimited, however we strongly recommend to send no more than 1 BTC in one time. IMPORTANT: If your deposit less than 0.0060 BTC your commission will be higher than default. Also if you are sending less than 0.000001 BTC you will not get LuckyDollars on your account but you will still be able to withdraw it from withdrawal part. Minimum available withdrawal is 10 000 Satoshi (or 0.0001 BTC) Minimum fee will be 5000 Satoshi. If you withdraw 10 000 Satoshi you will get 5000 Satoshi because of 5000 Satoshi minimum fee! When you withdraw your deposit we do not take any commissions or fees to ourselves. Every fees that can appear belong only to bitcoin network. We charge minimum transaction fee for Kb. After you make withdrawal and it will be committed to bitcoin network you can check it in http://blockchain.info We strongly recommend to make minimum withdrawal no less than 0.00015 BTC. Notice: Withdrawal is possible when all of your deposits are confirmed in the blockchain. In case of larger withdrawals, your withdrawal may be marked for manual processing. This is very rare, and manual withdrawals are processed on business days from 10:00 to 18:00 GMT
  4. From F.A.Q LuckyClover What is Honesty Control? We always gives you md5 hash of next Drawing result. It means that you can test honesty of each drawing after game. You do not need to make a bet each time. You can play with zero bet to ensure in honesty. To test this you need to concatenate round-field and salt that we gives you. Then get an sha256 from string you got. Data of played round and string should be the same. This ensure that round result was generated before you make first turn. What is IDQ (Random Quantum Generation)? ID Quantique (IDQ) is the world leader in quantum-safe crypto solutions, designed to protect data for the long-term future.
  5. It is a fun instant game. The rules of the game are very simple. The rules of the game are very simple. There are only 9 cells: 4 of them are winning, 5 - losing. Open the cells one by one. Success find ×4 Clover - ×118.189 Success find ×3 Clover - ×18.900 Success find ×2 Clover - ×5.500 Success find ×1 Clover - ×2.025 Any time you find ×1 Bomb - Game Over LINK GAME >>>>>> https://clck.ru/Eokxq (REFERAL LINK) https://luckyclover.io (without ref)