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  1. So how do you decide when a "win" is really a win or only a step to winning? 🙂
  2. So I can keep on dreaming to hit a thing like this sometime
  3. Normally I try to cashout after i tripled my balance, to go again with the base balance. Since I broke my own rules and busted all it's quiet difficult to have the patience to go on with that strat if you only have some dust to bet.
  4. I know only one guy who can make a living with gambling so far ... all other who tried I know are quiet in big debts now
  5. I started to randomly change the multiplier and adjust the bet amount martingale like. So its still busting but more entertaining.
  6. I know slots is mostly only burning money, but thats gambling anyway. So I love slots and long for it.
  7. Nee, ist schon ne ganze Weile her. Allerdings hab ich dann sowohl insta auf stake und auch auf PD meine ganze balance aufgeraucht und hatte dann erst mal keine Lust mehr auf gambling, für 1.5 Jahgre oder so
  8. I just came back to stake after abandon gambling for a while and discovered how much fun I missed. So happy 2ndBday Stake 🥳
  9. I dont get it .. who should be able to change the seeds of alt accounts?
  10. Also mir ist keine bekannt. ich glaub auch, dass im Zwiefelsfall die meisten deutschen Betreiber sich eher bedeckt halten .... wegen Lizenzkram und so weiter.
  11. sometimes you've to be very careful with hotkeys enabled not to mess up, if you're also chatting
  12. I love to hit high multipliers but it always gives me the creeps when I run into a bad red streak and of course you need a reasonable bankroll. So for now I choose my multipliers kinda random to just get one or two heart attacks the day.
  13. GonerGenesis

    Dicebot or manual?

    I like the dicebot!!! So i was able just to "develop" my own strategy and use it without all the hassle connected to all the API stuff. Maybe sometimes I'm gonna try to code my own software.