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  1. I dont get it .. who should be able to change the seeds of alt accounts?
  2. I like coins like Doge and XRP cause its good to test defensive strategies on them, but for the why: Probably the owners got a deal with the Ripple devs 🙂
  3. Also mir ist keine bekannt. ich glaub auch, dass im Zwiefelsfall die meisten deutschen Betreiber sich eher bedeckt halten .... wegen Lizenzkram und so weiter.
  4. sometimes you've to be very careful with hotkeys enabled not to mess up, if you're also chatting
  5. I love to hit high multipliers but it always gives me the creeps when I run into a bad red streak and of course you need a reasonable bankroll. So for now I choose my multipliers kinda random to just get one or two heart attacks the day.
  6. GonerGenesis

    Dicebot or manual?

    I like the dicebot!!! So i was able just to "develop" my own strategy and use it without all the hassle connected to all the API stuff. Maybe sometimes I'm gonna try to code my own software.
  7. So its not literally impossible, just very hard with the available computer tech. You've to wait for Quantum Computer capable of it 🙂
  8. Ich bin über bitcointalk auf Primedice gestoßen und da gabs dann irgendwann das announcement für Stake ....
  9. Ich hab ne ganze Weile für BTC das wallet von GreenAddress benutzt, das hat aber wirklich nur btc und ist etwas hackelig wenn man mit den Gebühren rum spielen will/muss. Da ich sonst gar nicht soviel hin und her schiebe, habe ich nur ein Coinbase-Wallet und eins auf Stake und PD 🙂
  10. I think it was 3 weeks and he spend about 0.5 btc for it so profit is "only" 0.3 btc
  11. But nevertheless the risk to loose way more than you can gain with race with small payouts is quiet big. But that maybe doesn't matters if you get 200 twitch followers and 13 affiliates
  12. I'd like to test your bot. But I only trust open source software. But nice work I think.