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  1. Since I'm not that kind of person who likes money, well we all want money, but it would be a bad person (thief) so I reported it to the support team
  2. Funniest: Friendliest: @Caligula6 Forum Heroe: @Oleg_Barca Chat Hero: @CHAYO Most Lovable: @Laura2000 Most Intelligent: @DarkBlood069 Most Influential: @Josenete Best Moderator: @maverick528 Funniest Support: @Katarina Favourite Support: Favourite Staff: @Dan
  3. My opinion is that it is bad to ignore them, but on the other hand they have their decisions, you are not to blame for anything if they want to be taught, teach them and now, and tell them that it is just for fun :D
  4. I had a stalking friend he told me that if he could help but he was upset when I said no, he told me that he earned $ 150 a day, although it was tempting not to accept the offer
  5. I removed 128k of satoshis that would be $ 5, but while all the transactions that I made I deducted $ 1 and what they got was $ 4
  6. I would say that stake is part of my entertainment, I also want to earn money, but it's like a game for me
  7. Congratulations, unfortunately I'm losing everything every day I've already lost more than 100k satoshis, but let your luck continue
  8. If the idea would be very good, I hope you see it from the stake group
  9. I think that stake is something that kills my boredom, although sometimes I lose and I get very angry, but I would say stake has improved my mood
  10. this was eliminated by the stake group, although it would be a good idea, but it would not be very useful
  11. Good luck, and you get everything right
  12. Every day I play at least one hour and I get like 7 or 8 times a day, because I have fun and I like to make friends
  13. I really like that idea, in mines a 24.00x is almost impossible, in plinko the chances of it falling in 1000x are very low
  14. I would like that the dice can be stopped when we want to not be doubting a lot, that's my opinion, but yours is much better would be good for many